Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Sites: 8-3-13!

Hi everyone!! I realized that yesterday's Fashion Friday post was never published. Oops. Sorry about that. I did publish it late last night so be sure to check it out if you haven't seen it. Today's Saturday Sites are some videos that have caught my eye recently as being great craft tutorials!! Although they are not all for dolls, they are all really cool!!!!!

  • My Froggy Stuff has had some amazing videos lately!! Their doll food looks really yummy and all of their crafts look great! My favorites are How to Make a Doll Snack Cart, How to Make a Doll's Dollhouse, How to Make Doll Popsicles, and finally, How to Make a Doll Flute with a Case. These craft tutorials are all really simple and easy to follow. Also on their blog they have a Make a Tablet for Your Doll post,  and my favorite are some scrapbook paper style printouts if you have a color printer and don't want to spend money on scrapbook paper for crafts. You can find the printouts here.
  • How to Make Beads From Aluminum Foil is a really cool video on how to make aluminum foil beads. It is quite simple but the final product is awesome. It is also an inexpensive craft with easy to find items. You can check out the video here. One thing that is cool about this craft is that the beads that you make can be completely customized! You can make them any color, size, and shape to make it your own unique bracelet!! :)
  • Siriarts1 Youtube Channel is actually done by someone that Iman and I both know very well!! She is very sweet, and we found out that she had started a channel with some really cool crafts!! Her crafts are a bit more complicated, and not at all doll-sized, but some of them were so neat that I just had to put them on here!! My favorites are How to Make Envelope or Envelopes, mirror painting, and her most popular video, How To Make a Photo Frame Out of Waste CDs!!! 
I hope you enjoyed today's Saturday Sites!! Have a nice weekend and we will see you all again on Monday with a fun craft!!!
~Hannah (the human)

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