Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Sites 8-10-13!!

Hi everyone!! I hope everyone has a great Saturday and has a lot of fun!!! :) So, do you want to see this week's Saturday Sites?

  • How to Make Doll Shoes Using Recycled Materials is a video from My Froggy Stuff that just came out this week!! It is a great video and I have to say, it is the best doll shoe tutorial I have seen!! The shoes look realistic and I would actually wear them if they were not made of cardboard and craft paint!!
  • The Our Generation Owl Lunchbox was reviewed by Char and Madelon at Doll Diaries this week. It is super cute and is sold for $7.00 which in my opinion is amazing. My only thought is that I wish it came with food to go in the sandwich container and thermos. 
We don't have a third link for you because.... We are announcing a special Saturday Sites post for next week!! And the sites will be... Your blogs!!  Here is how it will work. Send us an email at telling us your name, blog name, the web address of your blog, and if you want, the name of your favorite or best post, and the web address for that post. Also if you would like to, send us up to three pictures representing your blog in your email. All that we ask is that one of them be from your favorite or best post. Anyone can send in a submission, as long as you are one of the authors on the blog. We can't wait to see all of your lovely emails!!!

Thanks for reading!!

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Fashion Friday 8-9-13!!

Hi Everyone!!! It"s time for Fashion Friday!!
This super cute athletic watch would be perfect for me!! Between hectic mornings before the bus comes, swim team practice, and whatever science experiment I participate in, I like my water proof watch. This is bright and colorful and would look nice with some athletic shorts, a t-shirt, and some cute running shoes.
This dress is casual but the layers and the clean cut of it all makes this dress fancier. The jersey material on the bodice of the dress would most likely be soft and comfy. A long necklace, a bright blue cardigan and some cute thong sandals would make this an adorable outfit!!

These pajamas would be perfect for staying cool on a hot summer night!! The penguin graphics are hilarious and make the pajamas even better! I would soo wear these as where I live the nights are hot and I sleep better when it I am cool, so these style of pajamas are what keeps me the most comfortable!!

I love this shade of blue!!!! These flats just look soo cute and have such a classic feel. These would be the perfect touch on many different outfits!! I wear my flats with skirts in the summer, jeans in fall and winter, and flouncy dresses in the spring!  The patent leather and the tan sole make these shoes look elegant yet casual. The blue contrast binding is the icing on the cake!!!

make an oversized men's t-shirt turn into a cute summer dress

  I love this tutorial!! If you have a big tshirt around, you could be wearing a dress!!You are certain to stretch out the neckline and it probably wouldn't be long enough for a dress, so jeans and a cardigan would be smart. And always remember, be careful while wearing strapless tops!! :)

Thanks for reading!! Come back tomorrow for Saturday Sites!!!
~Hannah (the human)
P.S. For some reason the text is going off the page after the last picture. Sorry!!! :(

Thursday, August 8, 2013

School Supplies Crafts!!

Hello everyone!! So my awesome friend Megan has been over a couple of times this week and we have been doing some crafts. Megan's is pretty genius so I will share her craft first.

What you will need to make a doll sized notebook:
  • Cardstock or patterned paper for a cover
  • Hair elastics, mini rubber bands
  • A button and Needle and thread or hot glue
  • Yarn
  • 3 inch by 5 inch ruled notecards
  • Tape and scissors
Measure a piece of sturdy paper to be your cover. It should be slightly bigger than your notecards. Fold some notecards in half so that they have a middle crease. Fold your cardstock in half as well. Line up the center creases and then place two hair elastics or hair ties on top of the crease so that they hold it all together like a book.

Place a strip of tape twice as wide as your button and "fold" it over the front cover to reinforce the paper. Sew or hot glue your button so that it is slightly raised.

 Tape a piece of yarn to the back cover to wrap around the button in front. 

You now have a gorgeous notebook!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also made a folder from the Doll Diaries 100 Days of Doll Play pdf from last year. You can find it here.  We also cut some of the notecards in half as they make perfect doll sized sheets of ruled paper!!!

And a final artsy shot...

I think the glitter on the cardstock that we were using looks really cool in this picture!! 
Thanks for reading!! Tomorrow is Fashion Friday!!!!
~Hannah (the human) and Megan

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hi everyone!
This week's randomness will include some more pictures from my trip that didn't fit into yesterday's category. :D

Minnehaha Falls!!!

Me being evil at the Lego Store!!

Some of the huge Lego models above the store. 
 I hope you all liked it!! My Awesome Friend Megan has been over a lot lately so we came up with some cool crafts, some of which we will share tomorrow!!!!!!
Thanks for reading!
~Hannah (the human)
P.S. Remember that reader submissions are always welcome to be sent to!! :)


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Trip To AG Mall of America!!!

Hi Guys!!About yesterday's post...

 We are not mad or upset at anyone or about anything, we just wanted to put a general reminder out there. We did not intend to offend anyone or make them upset.

Today's post is going to be made up of some pictures/comments on my experience at the American Girl Store located at Mall of America in Minnesota. Let's go!!!

Saige's Pajamas are really cute!

Saige is also really cute, but when I saw her I didn't feel as though she was as pretty in person, I don't know why as she seems gorgeous in every picture I have seen.

This outfit is nice, but the sweater material feels really thin and cheap, not thick like it looks.

Her gorgeous earrings.. too bad they are soo expensive!! :(

The tropical bloom outfit is adorable!! I prefer the old backpack though.

I love the locker but the school outfit on the left is not my favorite.

You can see the Nickelodeon theme park rollercoaster.

I love the pet birthday set!! Just a bit on the pricey side...

This MAG looks adorable with the braided headband!!

The Halloween outfits. The witch costume boots are not my favorite...

The guitar is soo cute but the strings feel flimsy, almost to the point where they would snap if it was gently strummed.

It is a nice set, though.

This MAG has cute hearing aids!!

I took down the lamp down from the nightstand to turn on the light, I am not sure if the batteries were worn down or not because it was very dim.

The shoes display.

The moccasins are not all that cute in person...

The espadrilles are ok.

The campus snack cart.

The locker pictures are not magnetic. Instead they slide into a little metal pocket on the door.

The lock is plastic but it actually locks.

I have to say the sunglasses look really nice.

The flute fingering chart and the music book on the stand.

The classroom scene has Mckenna's hamster on it.

Can you see the resemblance???

The polka dot bath wrap is actually thin and almost a bit scratchy. I expected it to be plush and I was disappointed. 

Meatloaf looks grumpy and not happy to be wearing the collar here. Plus, bulldogs can barely jump as they are soo stocky. The dress is pretty cute. I like the colors.

The bun is a nice touch but not something I would buy.

They were playing the Saige movie so I caught the end and watched what was cut off by the breaking news.

And those are all of my pictures!! Thanks for reading this really looong post!!!! 
~Hannah (the human)