Sunday, June 23, 2013

What we have planned...

Hi everyone!!! We (Iman and I) were talking today and we are here to present to you our new summer blogging plan!!!! (FYI Hannah is this color and Iman is the hot pink)
I want to do a weekly post about fashion and what we consider cute & stylish. We hope that you can use these outfit suggestions as inspiration for crafting/sewing projects for your dolls and/or yourself.
I/we would like to post AT LEAST one craft project a week. Maybe more... But at least one!!! :)
Randomness will also be a new weekly edition that we will do together. We will put together a bunch of images that we have seen that have caught our eyes... and believe me- it will definitely be random!!! 
We will maintain the polls- just don't forget to leave your comments!!!!! We will continue to do posts that are random and unscheduled- like the ones that you are used to. We will do our best to try out this new schedule this week- I will be gone- so this might not actually happen until next week.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!
~Hannah and Iman
P.S. We will try to get Saturday Sites up and running again!!!