Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Friday 8-30-13!!

Hello everyone!! I thought that this weeks Fashion Friday would be my opinions on the new outfits from the AG Winter Release. Overall I really liked most of the outfits but there are somethings that I just don't care for..  
Frosty Fair Isle Set  

This is my favorite outfit from the release!! I love the shades of blue and purple that they chose, I think they are wintry colors without being too cold. I think that the gray pants add the perfect touch. Style-wise, I firmly believe that leggings are not pants, but yoga pants like this are fine. I love the boots, and the sweater's pattern is really cute!! I Like the headband too!!!! With a price of 30 dollars it is not outrageously expensive!!

Puffy Jacket for Dolls
I love this Jacket!! This style of jacket is very popular right now where I live because it is warm enough for the bus stop in the morning in winter but not bulky to the point where it won't fit in your locker. I love the gloves because something about the fingerless part appeals to me. For a jacket and gloves $24 dollars is a little much, in my opinion.

Coconut Fun Outfit
The Coconut  Outfits are almost a series in AG history. I personally think this is very cute. I love the colors. The headband and shirt are adorable!! On girls, I don't really like shorts-over-leggings,  but this looks cute on the doll. The shoes are basic but look very cute. This outfit has tons of mix-and-match opportunity, so $28 dollars is a nice price.

Polar Bear Pajamas
These are adorable and soo soo cute!!! I love the tunic and leggings style of pajamas!! The blue with the polar bears is super cute, and I think a lot of people will be happy that it isn't pink! I am also a huge fan of polar bears. The boots are just so amazing! I think this outfit will be very popular this year. (Anyone else notice a bit of a boot theme?)  $24 is a very reasonable price!!!

Sparkly Sequin Outfit
This outfit is OK. It is not anything special in my book. While I like the separate pieces (the lace on the skirt and the sequins are just too cute) it is too much together. I think If they left off the sequins and replace them with some fine iridescent-y glitter on the shirt that is not that loud, it would be a perfect outfit. I do love the purple color and the shoes and barrette are cute. This has a bit more of a price tag at $30 dollars.

I will review the rest of the release items later. 
Thanks for reading!!
~Hannah (the human)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

KEEP CALM AND: Randomness!!

Hello everyone!! How do you like the new AG release?!? I will share my thoughts tomorrow, but today I will share a few images I made in the style of KEEP CALM AND.... posters. So, let us begin the randomness!!



Thanks for reading!!
~Hannah (the human)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: Sweet Peach Glasses!!

Hi everyone!!! I know that you might have been expecting part 2 of the dog biscuit post, but I was painting them and they started to crack and crumble on me as the middle was still soft. :( I also forgot to mention that the biscuits were for PLAY only and not to give to your dog. The high salt content not only makes it inedible but it tastes really bad. :P Anyways, I wanted to use this chance I had to review the Sweet Peach Glasses on sale from AG. They are still available.

Here is the box!! AG has great packaging. If any of you remember the raspberry  glasses I had, those broke back in February.

I opened it up to find the glasses in the plastic box with the case.

(just to show the fit)

When I first put them on Hanna, I immediately noticed that the glasses sat nicely on the face without any added support like a headband. They literally have a perfect fit. At first I did not like the way they looked but now I love them and think they are soo cute. These are very well made and feel sturdy. However, with rougher  play these might not hold up to yanking the arms open and smashing them on the doll's face.

I really like their cases, except for the fact that they only protect the glasses from being scratched. For the price I would almost expect a hard case of some sorts. The front of it looked fine, but the back....

Not only is there a huge tag, but the threads are a bit wonky on the outside stitching and there is a big, loose thread. Nothing major, but again, for the price you expect quality.

Overall I am very happy with the glasses and am very glad I got them.
Thanks for reading!!!
~Hannah (the human)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Crafty Monday Part 1: Dog Biscuits!!

Hi everyone!! I had a great week and I hope you did too!! As much as I love this blog, it is always nice to have a little vacation!! School is off to a great start for both Iman and myself! I'm so excited for this year!!! For today's craft I whipped up a bit of salt dough and made 3 different types of dog biscuits. Here is what you will need:

  • Salt dough (water, flour and salt)
  • Toothpick
  • A clean surface to work on and dry your finished biscuits- I used a piece of foil. 
I made a little bit of salt dough as I always make waaay too much. I used a recipe that is roughly 2 parts flour, one part salt, and one part water. (As much water as you need to make it doughy)

Here is my dough. :)

Make four small balls and roll a short snake...

Then smoosh them together carefully and shape them a bit to get a traditional dog biscuit. i then poked 3 holes in the middle with a toothpick which you will see in a later picture.

Form a shape like this...

And poke some holes for a cute little modern-y dog biscuit!!

It's hard to tell the size in this picture but I rolled two smaller balls and one bigger ball...

Then rolled them like this...

Shape the smaller two into crescents and then smoosh them onto the ends of the big roll to get this shape. I also poked holes in this one.

Here are the final 3. You can either bake them but I just let them air-dry overnight. 
Come back tomorrow to see the finished product and how I painted them!!
Thanks for reading!!!!

~Hannah (the human)