Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Decorating!!

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a lovely time yesterday with family and friends!!! I have been super busy, but I wanted to share my holiday decorating that I did in my room today with all of you.

My lovely cat Zippy was a big helper in the whole production.

Let's begin!!

I took down my halloween/fall AG magazine posters that were up and exchanged them with some wintry holiday posters. I added two snowflakes that you can make here. I switched the butterflies that have been there forever with the ornament bobble thing I made last year. I just strung mini ornaments on a string. 

Last year I found some great gel clings at Target in the dollar section. I wrapped them in plastic wrap, so they have all of these little lines in them, and something red tinted one of the penguin bellies. You can see what they looked like when I got them here. I only put up one penguin this year. I also have 3 snowflake ornaments on the window. They are glittery and super cute! I have the same ornament arrangement on the other window, but no gel clings.

These are my lovely flannel sheets. They are super warm and I love the pattern. 

I also found my santa hat.  Dave wanted to wish all of you a happy holiday season. 

Picmonkey has some great winter features. I love love love them so much, as they add the perfect touch to any photo. The santa beards are also a great tool on family pictures and/or pictures of your pets or little siblings!

Thanks for reading!! 


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