The Polls!

Here are the guidelines for the polls!!

  • The polls will be changed when someone leaves a comment suggesting a new question, and at least four, maximum of six, possible choices. Each poll will be up for at least one week. If there are no questions that have been suggested, I will write that in a post, and the poll will be up until a new one is suggested.
  • Feel free to leave multiple questions, or suggest a new one if your poll is still up. I will post the questions in a first come, first posted order, but please be considerate of others and do not send me twenty.  :)
  • Please leave your question in the form of a comment, preferably on the most recent post. I will not approve it so that it remains private until I post it. You will not be able to see that I have gotten your comment. If there are any worries, please leave another comment and I will reply to that one. 
  • I will not post the results, only the new question. If you vote, the poll box then displays the result. If you would like to see the results of a poll, please leave a comment before I close the poll, and I will be sure to post the results. 
Please leave a comment with your question. Thank you!!!!

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