Saturday, September 14, 2013

End Of Summer Giveaway!!!!

Hi everyone! I don't know if you noticed, but we just posted our 100th post this week. To celebrate we are doing an end of the summer giveaway!!! We wanted this giveaway to reflect some of our summer activities- here goes!!!

40 hair elastics and 3 packages of 6 each AG Pink claw clips to represent all of the fun times we had with friends chatting, doing hair, painting our nails, and having a good time!!!

Friendship bracelets to represent all of the friends that made our summer full of laughter and fun!!!

And pillows to represent all of the sleepovers and pillow fights we had over the summer too!! :)

"Why are there 2 of everything," you may ask? Well, there are going to be two winners!!! 

So, what are we giving away???

Orange Owl package includes- The square orange owl pillow, human and doll matching bracelet, 40 hair elastics, and 3 packages of pink and red AG claw clips.

Pink Owl package includes- The rectangle pink owl pillow, 3 doll friendship bracelets, 40 hair elastics, and 3 packages of pink and red AG claw clips.

How to enter:
Leave a comment or send us an email at telling us what your favorite post on our blog is.
In your comment or email, tell us your email address that we will use to contact you if you win. We will not share your email address with anyone and once we use it to contact you it will be deleted. If you would not like us to publish your comment with the email, please write "DO NOT PUBLISH" in your comment. 
Please tell us in your comment or email which package is your first choice- Orange Owl or Pink Owl.
You must be 13 years old to enter. If you are under 13 just ask a parent or guardian for permission, and enter with their help.
Leave your comment no later than 11:59 PM Central Daylight Time on September 28, 2013.
You must be a resident of the U.S. to enter.

We will be pulling names out of a bowl the old fashioned way to determine the two winners. The first name pulled will have first choice of the package they would like. The second name gets the one the first person didn't choose. 

Bonus Entries:
Get a bonus entry by either-
Posting about the giveaway on your blog
or telling one of your friends about it
or posting about it on social media.
Just tell us how in a comment or email.
Maximum of one extra entry per person please.

If you have any questions at all please leave us a comment!!
Good Luck!
~Hannah (the human)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fashion Friday!!!!! :)

OOoh it's Friday the 13TH!!!! >.< Hope nothing paranormal happens around here..... *glances behind shoulder quickly, sees nobody's there, turns back around and continues to type*

O.O enough of my weirdness let's get a move on! :)

Cute watery looking nails! (do you love or do you LOVE them Hannah?!) They are super cute and remind me of the beach waves. I love the different shades of blue and the white used as the background. All in all, it works as a summery mani. :) I think right now I would use different colors like red, orange, and yellow to represent the colorful leaves moving in the wind during fall. (like when you jump in a pile of freshly raked leaves and they go flying!) As my friends and I would say....Ahhhh good times....good times. :)

Fashionably Yours,

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Random Inspirational Phrases :)

Hey girls! Long time no feels long enough for me... anyway lets get started! :)

*Random* Iman

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hanna and Julie's Sleepover!!!

Hello everyone!!! My amazing friend Nicole was over and we decided to make a photo-story of Julie and Hanna having a sleepover. Enjoy!!

Hanna was thinking up ideas for blog posts when Julie walked in!!!!
"Hi Julie," Hanna exclaimed, "You're here!!!!!!"

Julie plopped on the bed and the girls started chatting!!!

Soon the girls were checking out their favorite blogs and discussing crafts they wanted to try out soon!!

The girls ate dinner and changed into their pajamas. They brought up their drinks and started a game of war!!! 

Looks like Hanna won this round!!!

" OOooh,  Julie, " Hanna commented.

"Next time," Julie smirked!!

The girls got tired and worked together to pull out the trundle...

Hanna rolled over.
"Night, Julie," Hanna said.
"See ya in the morning," said Julie.

The girls went to sleep...
Sweet dreams!!! 

Thanks for reading!!
~Hannah (the human) and Nicole

Monday, September 9, 2013

Crafty Monday: How to make Dangly Doll Earrings!!!

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend!!! For today's craft we will be making dangly earrings that attach onto the posts of AG earring studs for dolls with pierced ears.  Here is what you will need...

  • Paper twist ties or beading wire
  • Beads
  • AG earring studs
  • Scissors and/or needle nose pliers

Gather your supplies!!! Paper twist ties are basically wire between two pieces of paper. They do make plastic covered or coated ones, so try to find some that are paper.

I didn't take a picture of this step but I got my twist ties wet and pulled the paper off to get my wire. I also used my scissors to cut some paper off. If you have beading wire skip this step and cut two equal pieces.

Fold both pieces in half, slide the folded part onto the post, tighten it, and wrap the ends around a couple times for stability.

All wrapped up!! :)

The next part is completely up to you. String on your beads and and secure them on the wire. I made mine into a square shape by twisting the wires and squishing it into place. You can do whatever you want to make your earrings unique!!!  Once you have finished be sure to do something with the ends of the wires as they are VERY SHARP. After twisting the two wires together at the bottom I tucked the ends back into the beads.

I love these custom earrings!! When you are finished just slide them off the posts and store them somewhere where the holes for the posts will not be crushed!!! ;)

I hope you enjoyed making this craft!!! 
Tomorrow we have a very cute photo story for you so be sure to stop by tomorrow!!!
Thanks for reading!!!
~Hannah (the human)
P.S. Remember our Pinterest account??? I pinned some cool new stuff and organized the pins better into separate boards- go check it out!!! :D