Thursday, February 14, 2013

AG Spring Release!!!

It's what we've all been waiting for!! The AG spring release!! I advise you take a look around their website and check out the catalog- whether it be one you got in the mail, the one on the website, or the one from the app! Keep reading for my personal favorites!!! 

The Easy Breezy outfit has a very fun and fresh look with great colors!! I like that it is a halter top and not just another sleeveless shirt. The colors compliment each other, and I really love the whole outfit. I am just unsure about the prints on the shirt. But for the awesome price of $28, it is veryyy tempting!!!

I really like the cycling outfit, especially because my aunt has recently gotten into riding her recumbent tricycle (not a little kid trike, a very high-tech recumbent trike) and has shorts just like this. I am also happy that this is only $28!! Yay!!! The colors are similar to the colors of the running outfit,
and they also remind me of the colors that Lance Armstrong wore. With all of his bad publicity lately it is bad for AG, because he used to be a heroic figure to many people. Oh, and look who is modeling it!!

  trail bike- $100
pet trailer- $48
These are both super cute and I really love the pet trailer, but nooooo, return of the HUGE prices!!!  Otherwise, I am so glad they made a modern bike again and the pet trailer is such a cute accessory.

What are your favorites??? Iman and I would love to know!!! Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, and have a great Valentines Day!!!!
~Hannah (the human)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hanna's Hangout's Newest Blogger!!!

Meet Hanna's Hangouts Newest Blogger!
Hi Hannah, Hanna, and readers. Hi I'm Iman I am best friends with Hannah and I love to dance. Thank you for the shout-out Hannah. I am so happy to be the co-blogger/co-writer of your new blog. Readers I am sure Hannah appreciates you for checking her blog, commenting on her posts, and following her blog. I know she is trying to make her blog the best it can be. Awesome job Hannah. Thanks for being such a fabulous friend.


I Know we are so excited to have Iman join the Hanna's Hangout team!! How about you??? Feel free to leave a word of inspiration for Iman!! Thanks!!!
~Hannah and Hanna