Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Sites: 8-3-13!

Hi everyone!! I realized that yesterday's Fashion Friday post was never published. Oops. Sorry about that. I did publish it late last night so be sure to check it out if you haven't seen it. Today's Saturday Sites are some videos that have caught my eye recently as being great craft tutorials!! Although they are not all for dolls, they are all really cool!!!!!

  • My Froggy Stuff has had some amazing videos lately!! Their doll food looks really yummy and all of their crafts look great! My favorites are How to Make a Doll Snack Cart, How to Make a Doll's Dollhouse, How to Make Doll Popsicles, and finally, How to Make a Doll Flute with a Case. These craft tutorials are all really simple and easy to follow. Also on their blog they have a Make a Tablet for Your Doll post,  and my favorite are some scrapbook paper style printouts if you have a color printer and don't want to spend money on scrapbook paper for crafts. You can find the printouts here.
  • How to Make Beads From Aluminum Foil is a really cool video on how to make aluminum foil beads. It is quite simple but the final product is awesome. It is also an inexpensive craft with easy to find items. You can check out the video here. One thing that is cool about this craft is that the beads that you make can be completely customized! You can make them any color, size, and shape to make it your own unique bracelet!! :)
  • Siriarts1 Youtube Channel is actually done by someone that Iman and I both know very well!! She is very sweet, and we found out that she had started a channel with some really cool crafts!! Her crafts are a bit more complicated, and not at all doll-sized, but some of them were so neat that I just had to put them on here!! My favorites are How to Make Envelope or Envelopes, mirror painting, and her most popular video, How To Make a Photo Frame Out of Waste CDs!!! 
I hope you enjoyed today's Saturday Sites!! Have a nice weekend and we will see you all again on Monday with a fun craft!!!
~Hannah (the human)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fashion Friday!!

Hello everyone!! It is Fashion Friday!!! Yay! :) Let's get started!!!

This pretty blue dress has a gorgeous shade of summery blue! I love the lacey crochet pattern. The dress is modest but it is still cool enough for summer! I would wear some white shoes with this dress, either thong sandals, peep-toe flats, or pumps. A colorful shoulder bag, white pearl earrings, and a messy bun would complete the cool yet chic summer feel!!

I love this outfit that would be perfect for a night out when it gets cooler at night. It is cute but also casual. Jeans with that many holes are not cool in my book. I love love love Toms!! To brighten up the outfit I would get the Toms in a soft pink shade to match the scarf. I am not a huge fan of the purse, and would much rather just carry the essentials (phone, wallet, etc.) in my pockets. If necessary I would bring a purple wristlet. A smaller pair of earrings would make this the perfect outfit.

These bight pink and orange sandals would add the perfect pop of color to any outfit!! What I love about these sandals is that they feel a bit like flip-flops but are more dressy. I have sandals similar to these and I wear them all the time with white denim shorts and a solid color tee. These also look nice with knee length sundresses.
 These infinity scarves would be the perfect accessory to add a little warmth on a cooler day. I would wear these with a flouncy white skirt, solid color tank top with a lighter shade quarter length sleeve cropped cardigan, and flats. These would also add a cute touch to a spaghetti-strap sundress!

These nails are cute, casual and fun!! They are bright and colorful and would brighten any day!!! I would love a manicure like this! A casual but bright sweatshirt, jeans, and Toms would make this manicure pop!! 

I hope you enjoyed this week's Fashion Friday! I had lots of fun writing it!!! Check back tomorrow for Saturday Sites!!
~Hannah (the human)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekend Fun Outfit: Ways to Wear!!!

Hi everyone!! The outfit that I got was the Weekend Fun Outfit. It was really last minute as I was going to get the Pink Polka-Dot flats, but paying $14 dollars for a pair of shoes that was cute, but not a must have was not a purchase I wanted to make. I grabbed the outfit at the last minute because I had thought it was cute for a while and it is one of the outfits that is actually well made. (more on that later) Anyways, I will review it later but for today I will share some pictures of the outfit and a couple different ways to wear it.

The outfit consists of a cute blue floral tunic-like shirt, a white vest, skinny cuffed jeans, purple gladiator sandals, and a purple headband of the same shade.

The vest looks really great with this outfit, and it looks really nice if you put a different bright colored shirt under it,

This American Girl Chicago tee looks amazing!!!!

This is without the vest. Personally without the vest the sandals look odd and some warmer shoes should be worn instead.

Here are some different pants. I think black pants would make it too dark, so I added white pants. I think this would look classy with or without the vest.

 The pants can be rolled into cute cuffs or unrolled. I prefer the cuffed look with the sandals but depending on the shoes either look might work better. The sandals are adorable and my only complaint is that on the left shoe the toes will not come out as far and it looks weird.

The headband is amazing and well made. It is the exact same shade as the sandals.
Overall this outfit is gorgeous and I really do think that this outfit would compliment any doll.

I did the scavenger hunt while I was at the store. It was really fun!! They had six prompt cards all around the store, and once you found them you answered on the card. I got a really nice Saige poster after as the prize, but I thought the back of the card was a poster on its own. 
Thanks for reading everyone! Remember, tomorrow is Fashion Friday, although you are stuck with me this week! ; )
~Hannah (the human)


Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hi guys!! I had a great time yesterday at the AG store. I will give you some hints as to what one outfit I got- It has 5 main pieces, (shoes count as one piece) the main colors are blue, white, and purple, and it has a headband. I will let you know tomorrow what I got, but today is randomness day!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy today's happiness and bask in the glory of the day!! :)

My apologies for the funky spacing- something with this laptop is messed up. Anyway I will show you all the outfit that I got and different ways to wear it tomorrow!! Thanks for reading!!
~Hannah (the human)
P.S. If you know what I got because I told you, please do not ruin the surprise for others!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Quick Post!!

Hi guys!! You have no idea how good it feels to be back with my blog!! This is going to be a quick post, more of just a heads-up. I (Hannah) will be taking over the next two weeks as Iman is exhausted from last week. (I don't blame her as she outdid herself) So today I am on my way to an American Girl store. What I hope to get, you ask???? Well after the sale at American Girl's website was expanded (go check it out, there are some good deals!) I really want to get the Sweet Peach Glasses, possibly the Science Set, and maybe some store exclusives. I might pick up an outfit or some of their new shoes. The moccasins and the pink polka dotty ballet flats are adorable!!! However, I have been urged by family members not to blow all of my birthday/chore/christmas money (and I agree with them), so I don't think I will get all that much. I apologize for the lack of pictures of the items, but my dad's laptop doesn't want to cooperate. I will have some pictures of the store up here all this week and next week. (I am not saying which store for safety reasons) Thanks for reading this quick update!! Check back tomorrow for a special (Oooh, suspense) randomness post!!!!
~Hannah (the human)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Crafty Monday: Cat Toy Glove!!!

Hi everyone!! I am on a roll with doll sized cat toys! We have a toy like this that my cat Zippy LOVES, but it was dragged off somewhere I and I couldn't find it. Here is a similar toy...

I am not sure why there is all that space on the top... but this is where I was inspired.

You will need...
  • felt 
  • ribbon (I used strips of felt)
  • needle and thread
  • stuffing (optional)
  • sharpie or fabric marker
  • scissors
I got a pack of felt at Michael's for less than a dollar after Christmas because it was Christmasy with the candy patterns.

Start by measuring a strip long enough to wrap around the fingers (not including the thumb) and have a bit of overhang on the end by the tips of the fingers.

I didn't think to have overhang on the end. Stitch the end of the strips together to make it tight.

Now while the glove is still on her hand stitch tightly between her fingers. The felt has a bit of give which helps the fit. Make sure to make your stitches clean, secure, and neat.

Do the same between the other fingers. This makes it like a glove and I found that it stayed on the hand with no problems.

Now get out your ribbon and cut 4 pieces the length from the knee to the ankle or however long you want the toys to dangle. I cut a long rectangle, cut it in half and then each half in half to make 4 long strips.

Next I drew 4 fish shapes on different colors of felt, cut them out, and decorated them with a fabric marker. You could add embroidery details or even cut an identical shape and with a little stuffing make mini stuffed toys. 

Next stitch the tail of each fish to the end of one of the strips. I made the strips blue so the fish are "swimming."

Now line up the four strips and stitch it together. You should overlap the strips to make them the same length as the end of the glove.

This is where the overhang comes in handy. Take off the glove and stitch the top edge of the strips to the very end of the glove.

Here is the finished product. Hanna is waving it around to catch Licorice's attention.

Licorice is coming to investigate.

Licorice is in full attack mode!! Look out!!!!! ;)
Thanks for reading!! I hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer as we realize that we are nearing the end... :,(
Check back soon for more fun posts!! 
~Hannah (the human)