Monday, December 3, 2012

Gel Clings!!!

On Friday I was at Target and I found these cute gel clings in the dollar section!!
 They were a dollar per pack. (I took the last penguin one that they had on the shelves) 

I also got a gingerbread house with gingerbread men.

These are the penguins on the window. I don't have a picture of the gingerbread house because my other window faces my neighbor's house. Isn't sad that we don't have snow yet??? On Saturday night it poured buckets of rain, if it had been snow we would have had about a foot of snow!! On Sunday the temperature reached 62F!!!:( 

I got some other things that will be posted later this week!!!:) 
 -Hanna (the doll)

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Doll Diaries is having another giveaway!! Enter to win a $25 Springfield Dolls Gift code on anything in the store. Click here to go to the contest page!!!
- Hannah (the human)

P.S. This week my school is opening our winter musical of Annie!! I am in the pit band so I will be at school until 6:30 after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I have to be back at school by 6:30!! Homework will be my first priority and I have a few posts ready to go up but I won't really be doing much blogging this week. Thanks!!!!