Monday, July 29, 2013

Crafty Monday: Cat Toy Glove!!!

Hi everyone!! I am on a roll with doll sized cat toys! We have a toy like this that my cat Zippy LOVES, but it was dragged off somewhere I and I couldn't find it. Here is a similar toy...

I am not sure why there is all that space on the top... but this is where I was inspired.

You will need...
  • felt 
  • ribbon (I used strips of felt)
  • needle and thread
  • stuffing (optional)
  • sharpie or fabric marker
  • scissors
I got a pack of felt at Michael's for less than a dollar after Christmas because it was Christmasy with the candy patterns.

Start by measuring a strip long enough to wrap around the fingers (not including the thumb) and have a bit of overhang on the end by the tips of the fingers.

I didn't think to have overhang on the end. Stitch the end of the strips together to make it tight.

Now while the glove is still on her hand stitch tightly between her fingers. The felt has a bit of give which helps the fit. Make sure to make your stitches clean, secure, and neat.

Do the same between the other fingers. This makes it like a glove and I found that it stayed on the hand with no problems.

Now get out your ribbon and cut 4 pieces the length from the knee to the ankle or however long you want the toys to dangle. I cut a long rectangle, cut it in half and then each half in half to make 4 long strips.

Next I drew 4 fish shapes on different colors of felt, cut them out, and decorated them with a fabric marker. You could add embroidery details or even cut an identical shape and with a little stuffing make mini stuffed toys. 

Next stitch the tail of each fish to the end of one of the strips. I made the strips blue so the fish are "swimming."

Now line up the four strips and stitch it together. You should overlap the strips to make them the same length as the end of the glove.

This is where the overhang comes in handy. Take off the glove and stitch the top edge of the strips to the very end of the glove.

Here is the finished product. Hanna is waving it around to catch Licorice's attention.

Licorice is coming to investigate.

Licorice is in full attack mode!! Look out!!!!! ;)
Thanks for reading!! I hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer as we realize that we are nearing the end... :,(
Check back soon for more fun posts!! 
~Hannah (the human)




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  1. That is AWESOME!

    I just found our kitten's favorite mouse under the couch (I've found it in other strange places). I think she dragged it there so the others wouldn't play with it.


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