Monday, August 5, 2013


Hi everyone!! Over the weekend, Iman and I have noticed that some blogs have taken some of our ideas, designs, and other things from our blog. We don't really want to make this a big problem or accuse certain people. While both Iman and I are flattered that you think our ideas are good enough to put on your own blog- we have put time and effort into each and every one of our posts and everything else on our blog. We want to see all of your blogs do well!! We love featuring blogs, doing reader submissions, and other things that aren't just about us. But your blog is all about your personality- and if our ideas are on your blog then your personality isn't really there. We don't mind if you put your own unique spin on things- we got the idea for Saturday Sites from Doll Diaries' Spotlight Sites, aka Picks Of The Week!! But we try to put our own personality along with our own ideas into our Saturday Sites, because we don't want to be copycats because then our site would be Doll Diaries. (Although that would be awesome!!) So all that we ask is to please use your own ideas and let your personality shine through on your blog!! Thank you and we both appreciate all of the support you all have given us, and we would love to do the same for you!!
 ~Hannah and Iman
P.S. The Spicy's/Doll Delight did some great posts on copycats- check out Part 1  and  Part 2.
P.P.S. We might post a craft project later in the day, but today we are both really busy!!! :) 

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  1. Don't forget that imitation is the highest form of flattery.


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