Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sleep with Style: Pigtails

Hello everyone!!! I will do a post soon with a site that I am currently following. In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!! Is anyone having a sleepover tonight if you have tomorrow off from school??? If so, then here are some cute styles that will flatter any doll's face and make her look adorable!!! These styles should work on a doll with any hair length, too!!!

This is the start for all of the styles:

Divide the hair into two even sections, I find it hard to get a good looking part on a doll so I didn't worry about it too much!!

Pull the hair over her shoulder and brush it out so it is even and not all funky!!

Secure with a hairband of some sort, I used clear elastics but anything will do!!! The closer the band is to the head, the tighter the pigtail!!!

Repeat on the other side and style it with your hands to make it look natural!!!

So cute!!! This is what you start with for all of the styles!!

Another option is to section out a small piece of hair, braid it, and add it to the pigtail. Then take out the hairband on the braid and gently separate the braid up to the main hair elastic.

Or braid the pigtail for a classic braided pigtail!!


The last option is to unbraid the braid...

secure the two that are the farthest away from the face...

do a crown braid on the one section closest to the face and tie it off with a hair elastic... (click here for how to do McKenna's crown braid)

And braid it with the other two sections for a fancier braided pigtail!!!!

Don't worry too much about the part as I find it hard to get it to look good...

Oops... if you are doing a loose braid this may happen, and if it bothers you braid the pigtail tighter. Otherwise, just ignore it!! We all have had bad bed-head!!!

Well, it looks as if Licorice needs just ONE more scratch behind her ear before bed... My favorite style has to be the pigtails with the small braid added in!! 

Thanks for reading this extremely long post and have fun with these hairstyles!!!
~Hannah (the human)
P.S. Thanks to my cool friend Megan for hosting an awesome sleepover last month where I made the owl blanket that serves as my background!!


  1. These are really cool hairstyles!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Can you show how to Dutch braid?


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