Friday, January 4, 2013

For Lego Lunatics

Hi everyone!! This has nothing to do with dolls but my brother has just started his own blog about Legos. He would be thrilled if he got a lot of page views so please check it out. He would also be enthralled if you left a comment, though I am unsure if he has enabled comments. The link is Thank you so much!! By the way, what do you think about my new blog design???
-Hannah (the human)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Runaway Pup Part 1!!!

Hello everyone!!! Today I got my AG catalog, if you haven't gotten yours yet AG has a free catalog app for iPad that you can get. But the purpose of this post is to give my thoughts on AG's second-newest app, Runaway Pup. It is second-newest to Saige's app, Paint Ponies, which I will not review unless asked to because it is free. Anyway, Runaway Pup is $2.99 which makes it AG's first paid app. Personally it is the worst one they have made so far, but then again it is rated 4+ which I find odd because they have rated all of the MAG stuff 8+. Weird. The game goes like this:

And that was only part one!! So what happens in the pictures I showed you is you start the game and go to the menu of which guide to be. You can replay the guide once you complete the app. You play your first mini game, Guide Gear. Basically you get to choose an outfit. Then the friend that is automatically set for you pops in the text you get. It is the same for every guide, the text Isabel got is virtually the same as the one Emmy got, only the names changed. The text says that your guide is waiting somewhere for the friend, they get a text saying that Pepper is lost, and then the friend shows up, blah, blah, blah. Then you play the second mini game, which is similar to Marisol's game and Saige's horse parade game. Thats all for today!!! Stay tuned for part 2!!!!
-Hanna (the doll)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Well, Saige and her stuff is up and running. I was kind of disappointed to see that Saige and all of the MAGs and historical characters are now $110. As if the dolls aren't expensive enough. Now for the new items:

Saige($110) Saige is pretty, but the belt seems a little odd as it is sewn into the dress. The belt does add a nice splash of color to the dress. The ring is ok, to me it looks kind of cheap, but it is a fun addition. I am so glad her ears are pierced!! I really want Saige!!!

Saige's Accessories: ($28) Really, 28 dollars for a purse that looks tiny and super small, a necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of studs and two dangly earrings?? Come on AG!! If you make it that much, how about adding more stuff??? I would really like to try to make a similar necklace and bracelet. I do really like the earrings and the purse, even if it is small.

Saige's Dog: ($24) I like "Rembrandt" but not his name. Personally, that isn't what you would normally name a dog. Name him after another artist, please!! Although, you already named the horses Picasso and Georgia!

Saige's Sparkle Dress:  ($30) I really like the concept and color combination of the dress, but the gold cowboy boots personally ruin the dress. I could see gold flats, but not cowboy boots. I do like the necklace. I do think this outfit is kind of expensive for a dress, spray-painted cowboy boots, and a necklace.

Saige's Pajamas for Dolls: ($24) Well, at least her pajamas don't have a hefty price tag!!! I think that the outfit as a whole is nice, especially for $24 from AG. I think the shirt could do without the ruffles, but I do like the pattern of the shorts. Those flip-flop slippers are kind of common from AG and I have a pair in blue. I am not sure why they gave her shorts and a three-quarter length sleeve shirt, because if Saige lives in the desert, then it could be freezing cold at night. I don't think AG really thought about that much. Somehow the colors all work together and it looks cute on Saige.

Saige's Sweater Outfit: ($34) I really like this outfit and it is cute and trendy. I really hope that her leggings are not made of jegging material like Laine's Nature Outfit, but that is what it looks like in the picture. The tank top is cute and the sweater is to die for!!! The sandals are ok, I don't really care for them. But, lo and behold, a huge price tag!! AARGH!!!!

Saige's Parade Outfit: ($34) I think we should all be getting used to AG's new prices. I like the shirt and the pattern, and the belt is cool, but other wise I don't really care for this outfit. Maybe if you untucked the shirt...

Saige's Parade Hat and Helmet: ($20) Ok, so a cowboy hat and a pink helmet. I like the color of the helmet, but otherwise, what is the purpose of this set????

Saige's Horse: ($94) Pricey, and okay. Not exciting. Don't really know what to say.

Saige's Parade Saddle Set: ($38) Okay. Not too sure what to say again.

Saige's Hot Air Balloon: ($150) I guess this is Saige's one piece of furniture. The balloon is colorful and certainly a new idea. I wish they had made the messenger bag, camera, map, pilot log book and binoculars a separate set. Although if they had I would probably be upset about that too. The accessories seem similar to Kanani's Accessories.

Saige's Painting Set:  ($48) I like the easel and the idea of Saige  painting, it seems a little odd to include finished paintings. I guess it adds to the play value. The pictures to color in I think you can color virtually on Saige's free app, Paint Ponies. I like the mini paint supplies and portfolio and sketchbook.

This is all of Saige's collection. I wonder if there will be another outfit released mid-year like Mckenna. And the wait also has started for Saige's movie. Happy New Year!!!!!
-Hannah (the human)

Saige's app is already up!!!!


Well, AG has Saige up on their homepage. If you go to AG play page all of her games and activities are up. If you try to go to her shop page, you get redirected to a page with a few items on it. Oh well, AG said their site would be down from 12:00 central time to morning. I guess we all just have to wait. Oh well!! (Sigh)
-Hanna (The doll)

Monday, December 31, 2012

AG stuff at Costco!!!!

 Hello!!! I went to Costco on Saturday and went to the book section to see what AG stuff they had. I found these pet travel sets for $23, which is one dollar more than if you buy the pets online from AG. The only pets they had were Pepper, Sugar, and Honey, and each set came with the pet (no collar), two food dishes with the pet's name on them, a blue and purple pillow with the pet's name embroidered on it, and a placemat for the dishes. It all comes in a cardboard "carrier/crate" with holes in the top, and one side opens easily so you can reuse the "carrier/crate". These are only available at Costco and possibly other stores but not online at Now for the photos... (sorry for the bad quality pictures, I took them with my iPod)

Each box has breathing holes...

This is where you open the box, every box has this.

Hanna is on a lot of packaging!!!!
-Hannah (the human)
P.S. Happy New Years Eve!!! See you in 2013!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review of the AG Fancy Ice Skates!!!

Hello everyone!!! It is actually cold enough to go skating- my brother and dad went two days ago on the lake by our house!! I got these skates for Christmas and might actually get some skating in (not outside skating, indoor)!!!!

The skates come in a box like the fashion boots. 
They cost $18 normally, but I got them on sale for $7 on the Black Friday sale. I don't think I would pay $18 for them, which is why I got them on sale. I think for $18 AG could have put in a cute skate bag to hold them, even if it had Innerstar U stuff on it.

The skates are more of a cream color than the white in this picture. They have decorative gold stitching in the front but the rest of the stitching is white and blends in.The laces do not come out and are something like tinsel woven around an elastic cord. I think the gold details is what makes AG call them "Fancy" ice skates.

Side view.

Back view. The skates are easy to get on and off but the little tab thing helps.

They kind of bunch up a little but who cares!!

It is possible to get your doll to stand in different positions.

The end is slightly pointy but not really.

The front end does have these little grooves. They don't really do anything except make them more realistic.

Here you can see the little peg thingys that hold the metal skate onto the boot.

This is the 2006 rhythmic gymnastics set leotard.

By "glittery skate guards" AG means clear plastic skate guards with a few pieces of glitter mixed in. They are flexible and it might be difficult for a little kid to get them to stay on, I usually have to press them on. They could use some more glitter if AG wants to call them glittery.

This is just to show what I mean of nothing holds the skate guards on and how they could fall off and get lost. The skates are really cool, but for the price you wish they came with more stuff, I could see adding a bag, hair accessories, and even gloves or mittens to even out the cost. By the way, a sheet of aluminum foil makes a great ice rink thingy. Stay tuned for more posts!!!!!
-Hannah (the human)
P.S. feel free to leave a comment and ask about something i may not have covered!!!