Friday, June 21, 2013

How to make a Cute Doll Pendant Necklace!!!

Hi guys!! Today I am going to show you how I made my doll a cute pendant necklace!!! I was shopping with my friend (the same time when we got cupcakes) and we decided to go into the local bead store. We found a HUGE bowl full of leftover beads from the shop's classes.  Each bead in the bowl was 5 cents!!! They had another bowl, though slightly smaller, of bigger, shaped beads that were only 15 cents. I spent about half an hour digging through the bowl with my friend picking out beads. I have a feeling that this whole mixed up bowl of beads thing is at a lot of bead stores. I don't know... But I got 7 awesome beads for 54 cents. (they had some beads that were smaller than a pea but cost over 3 dollars) I decided to make a cute doll necklace with the beads!! Doll jewelry is really pretty simple, but I wanted to share with you how I made the necklace.

What you will need:
  • beads (I only used one larger bead and a smaller bead as an added accent)
  • scissors
  • thread or string (I used thread because it was in a nice color)
  • needle (optional, I used it to help me thread my beads, but you can survive without one)

First, gather your supplies. I only used the leaf shaped bead and the grayish white square bead.

Next, cut a super long piece of thread, fold it in half and thread the loop through your needle.

Then push your needle through the bead and then thread the tail through the loop. Pull and tighten the thread.

After that I threaded another bead on both pieces of the tail and tied 3-4 knots in a bunch so that the bead would not slide around.

Then separate the two threads that make up the tail and tie it around your doll's neck. If the knot will be permanent be sure to leave enough room for the necklace to come off over the head.

For Christmas my grandma gave me this doll shirt that was handmade by someone, the white capris are an AG store exclusive, and I made the headband from a strip of tulle. I tied it in a knot on my doll's head, and took it off and tied a bow. It accents the outfit and gives the final touch!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! Don't forget that if you leave me the name of your blog in a comment and the web address before Saturday evening, I will put together a couple blog shout-outs for next week while I am gone at camp. This would be a great way to get the word out about your blog!!! Thanks for reading!!!!
~Hannah (the human)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blogs and AG Release Sneak-Peek!!!

Hi everyone!!! Doll Diaries had a post yesterday where one of their readers visited the new Columbus, Ohio AG store. She took a lot of pictures of all of the new releases, though it hasn't technically been released yet. Saige has a new outfit and a picnic set (and all fairly reasonable, too), there is an adorable new science set (want it soooo bad but $36?!?!?! I don't know...), and there are some really cute school themes items and trendy outfits that I would sooo wear. Check out that post here.

Next, I got a note from Anna Banana of Banana and Bear. She has a really nice giveaway going on with all of the supplies needed to make 3 pairs of cute fingerless gloves!!! (for humans) Check out her blog at!!! If any of you lovely people have a blog just leave me a note (really a comment) before Saturday afternoon and I will compile a bunch of posts about all of those awesome blogs out there that will go up next week while I am away. Feel free to put more than one blog on your comment, as long as you have part/full ownership of the site. :) And don't forget to leave me a comment with your thoughts on the new AG releases!!! Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
~Hannah (the human)

P.S. This is my 50th post on this blog. I have had so much fun with this and I hope you all have had fun along the way as well!!! :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

American Girl Books and a bit on the Polls!!!

Hi everyone!!! I have two things to share with you today!! The first item of interest is the polls. The Question this week is... "When camping, would you prefer to sleep in a..." Thank you to Melody Silverleaf of for providing this week's question!!! (TL Irvin, I received your comment and it will be posted in about two weeks when I get home from camp!!) Look over on the sidebar to vote!!

The second item of interest are these American Girl Boxed Innerstar University books. I found these at Costco when I was there over the weekend. Each set of four costs $19.99.

Set number one...

And set number two!!! 
Thanks for reading!!! Check back tomorrow for another fun post!!!
~Hannah (the human)

P.S. Check out this amazing raspberry grapefruit cupcake that I had today!!! I took my awesome friend Megan out to a local bakery as a belated birthday treat!!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Polls!!!

Hi everyone!!! I don't know if you have noticed, but I don't have another question for a new poll to put up. Please leave a comment with a question and answers. I won't publish it so it remains a secret. If you want to make sure I have received it, leave another comment and just ask!!! I will reply to that one!! :) If you have any more questions on how this works I wrote up a post here explaining how it all works!!! Thanks again!!!

~Hannah (the human)

P.S. And if I don't receive a question by this weekend, Iman and I will just make one up. :) I leave for camp early Sunday morning and I want to have a new poll up. Feel free to keep commenting after, just I won't be able to do much with the blog next week. :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Swimsuit!!

Hi everyone! I wanted to show you my swimsuit today!! I made it with the help of My Froggy Stuff's  How To Make a No Sew Doll Swimsuit video. Last year I picked up a two pairs of socks on clearance at Target. It cost me less than 5 dollars. One pair had a pink/orange/purple zebra print. The other pair had the same print but was green and blue. I made a swimsuit out of a pink sock and a shirt out of a blue sock by cutting off the bottom. I am tempted to make a bikini by cutting a section out of the middle. The edges roll so if you do do this be sure to leave enough extra space for the roll. Anyways, the pictures of my swimsuit and shirt!!

The shirt !!!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my swimsuit and shirt!! Don't forget that American Girl still has a sale going on. I'm pretty sure what they call a star flower dress-
 is really a swimsuit cover-up. And $12 is a good deal from American Girl. Just wanted to let you know seeing as this whole post involved swimsuits. :)
Thanks for reading!!!
~Hanna (the doll)

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hello!!! I was one of the lucky winners in Doll Diaries' Camp Doll Diaries Photo Challenge!! Woot Woot!! :D Here is the picture:

 Also, I was on the American Girl Homepage when I noticed that the shop tab read:

See what's new for the season- including Saige's favorite outfit.

It only caught my eye because of a post on Doll Diaries where a Saige doll was in an advertisement wearing an outfit that was not currently available. Click here to see the post on Doll Diaries!!!

Anyways, that's about it for today. Thanks for reading!!!
~Hanna (the doll)