Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Sites

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I am planning on doing weekly Saturday site posts where I will post links to 3 cool blogs or posts on cool blogs!!

This weeks's Saturday sites are...

  • Doll Diaries- They have all the latest breaking news- including GOTY 2013 Saige!! Check them out!!!
  • The Spicys- They have a great site with lots of craft ideas and great photography!! Check them out!!
  • American Girl Fan- Liz has tons of cool stuff on her site- Caption That Doll Picture is a weekly favorite!! Check her out!! 
Have fun checking out these great blogs!!
-Hanna (the doll)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Hair Part 2

Hello everyone! Are you enjoying your doll's soft and shiny hair? I know that when my doll's hair gets brushed, the ends get uneven after a while. Eventually, she might look like she needs a trim. Well, Holiday Hair Part 2 is all about trimming your doll's hair! 


  • a small garbage can
  • scissors
  • your doll
  • a towel
  • mom and/or dad (unless you are old enough to know what you are doing and you are 12 or older.)
  • Permission from your mom and/or dad
  • spray bottle (bowl works too)
  • water
step 1. Have your mom and/or dad read this post, and DO NOT do this project without their permission. If you are unsure of whether or not to do this (if you are nervous about cutting your doll's hair) DO NOT DO THIS PROJECT. American Girl dolls and other dolls cost A LOT to fix.

step 2. take your dolls clothes off so you do not get hair all over them. (my doll is in a robe so there are no naked doll pictures) 

step 3. put your doll's hair in a ponytail.

step 4. remove all accessories and jewelry, then wrap your doll in a towel. Make sure her eyes are covered!!!

step 5. Take out the ponytail and gently brush out her hair. Look at all those long ends!!!

step 6. Take your spray bottle and spray water into your hand. Use this to get the front of your doll's hair wet. If you want you can carefully spray the back of her head.

step 7. Get all of your doll's hair wet. Then part her hair where you normally have it parted. You can take off the towel now but do not let her hair get in her face!

step 8. Get your garbage can! Put your dolls arms out so she is hanging from the sides.

step 9. Brush your dolls hair out and hold it between your fingers. Then slowly cut the long hairs. Do not actually make your dolls hair shorter or hack off huge chunks. GO SLOW AND BE CAREFUL!!!!!! Cut over the garbage can so you don't get hair all over.

step 10. Keep trimming until you go all the way around her head. Gently brush out her hair and let it air dry. If you want slight waves you can braid it and let it dry. 

Stay tuned for Holiday Hair Part 3 tomorrow and have a fantabulous Thanksgiving Eve!!! (for those of you who live in the U.S.A.)
- Hannah (the human)


Freebie Alert!!

 Have you ever been at a craft store and seen Springfield Dolls stuff there? The have their own club online where you can sign up, earn points, and get stuff. FOR FREE!! It will ask for your name, birthday, address, and all of that. I have not received any spam or anything like that and Char from Doll Diaries  says the site is safe. However, just to be on the safe side, I asked my dad and we used his email, office address, and our pets names. Once you sign up, you can activate the dolls (there are 5)for 10 points each. They have fun activities that when you open them for the first time are worth 1 point each. Once you open all the activities from one theme you will get a badge worth 5 points. You also can dress up the dolls and email them to your friends and family. Each doll saved is worth 1 point and each doll sent is worth 1 point. The first doll that you save and the first doll that you send is worth 5 points each with a badge. Once you hit the 228 point mark or higher (I think it is somewhere around there) they will send you something for free. They also occasionally send a membership gift just for being a member. When you sign up you get a free bracelet (human sized), and all of the stuff you get arrives nicely packaged with pink tissue paper and a purple sticker with their logo on it. All of their stuff is sold online (though I recently received a pair of glasses not for sale online) and as you play you unlock exclusive stuff available to members only that you can order online. For an 8 year old this would be tons of fun, but for a middle schooler or older it is not that great. I only did it for the free stuff. :D It is definitely worth it though!
-Hanna (the doll)

AG fashion boots review

Good morning, dolls and humans! With Black Friday coming up I figured now would be a great time for a review of the American Girl Fashion boots. They cost $14, which is a lot for doll boots, but, hello, this is American Girl we're talking about. They come in a doll sized shoebox with AG tissue paper. 
The box! 

 The label on the box is printed on.

                                                The fancy AG tissue paper!! 

The boots are obviously black. The seams are visible, mostly because the inside of the material is white.

As you saw in the picture with the tissue paper, there is a small rectangle piece. I think it is meant to be like a button or something with the metal stud. The metal stud is glued on  because it is not punched through the fabric. Mine are already coming off and I do not play rough with them.

As with most AG shoes, they have Velcro in the back. THESE WOULD BE A NIGHTMARE FOR TIGHTS OR LITTLE KIDS NOT LINING UP THE VELCRO. I surprisingly found it hard to take them off, but you get better with practice. I could see little kids tugging on them and struggling, and in the process, ripping off the metal stud.
(please pardon crazy Pepper)
A better view of the Velcro. The hook side is facing out, but if a pair of tights got caught they would get snagged.

This is the inside of the boot. If you can see the stitching of the rectangle piece, you will notice there is no metal piece for the back of the stud.

These boots look great with leggings, tight-fitting pants, and tights. I am not sure how the would look with flared pants, but there is not that much extra room in the boot once your doll puts her foot in.

 I am glad I got them, and they are pretty good quality. A younger child does not care about quality, they care about looks and these look great. However, once you are older and spending your own money you care about both. The price is high but it is better than AG's outfits. If you can get these on sale this week, but you are unsure of whether or not to get them, I would get them. You might regret it later! If you have any questions  please leave a comment so I can answer them.
-Hannah (the human)
P.S. stay tuned for holiday hair part 2
P.P.S. Thank you for being patient with the lack of Photos, I just figured out how to add them today.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Hair part 1

                   WARNING! LONG POST!!!

Hello! I love the holidays, especially dressing up and trying new hairstyles. The first step to having a great style is having great hair. My hair used to be dry and rough, not to mention uneven. However, a trip to your mom or dad can solve this problem. Most of you obsessed doll lovers (like me) have heard of the fabric softener and water trick. If not, keep reading!!!

This is a great way to fix your frizzes!!!
fabric softener- I think almost any brand works, downy is recommended, I used another brand. To be safe, PLEASE test a small section of hair BEFORE the whole head.
spray bottle or small bowl
your doll
2 towels
Mom and/or dad

step 1. Find your mom and/or dad. Have them read this post and help you with this project. (unless, of course, you are old enough to know what you are doing and you are about 12 years old or older) HAVE THEM HELP YOU WITH THIS AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THEIR PERMISSION!! 

step 2. Find an available spray bottle or small bowl. (spray bottle is recommended) Make sure it is OK to put fabric softener into it. (fabric softener is a chemical)

step 3. Fill your spray bottle/bowl with water. Then add just enough softener to make the water cloudy (weak solution is better than strong solution, you can always use more if it is weak.)

step 4. Check with your parent that it is OK to spray the solution into your doll's hair. Then make sure it is OK if the towels get fabric softener on them. Wrap your doll's body in towel #1. Wrap your doll's face in towel #2. (make sure all the hair is hanging out, but that the eyes are covered. You can damage your dolls eyes if they get wet) MAKE SURE THAT IF THE SOLUTION DRIPS IT WILL NOT CAUSE A MAJOR PROBLEM!!!!!

step 5. Spray/dip your hand in the solution. then work it through your doll's hair. Do this on all her hair. Let it air dry. (NEVER blow dry your doll's hair- it probably would melt.)

step 6. Wash your hands!!! Otherwise they will get really dry.

step 7. You are done!! (yippee!) Your dolls hair will feel a little greasy. The more you (gently) brush and play with it, the less greasy and more soft it will feel. If one salon treatment doesn't work, do more until it gets better. I do touch-up treatments whenever I feel it is necessary. Please keep your solution safe, it does contain chemicals so have your parent(s) keep it in a safe place where pets or siblings will not get into it. Eventually, the fabric softener will separate from the water and float on the top. Throw it out because once that happens it is not usable.

Have fun with your great, new, soft and shiny hair!!
-Hanna (the doll)

P.S. stay tuned for a review!!

Hello and welcome!!!

Hi everyone!! I will make this short and sweet, so I can get to the good blogging.I have been reading fantabulous doll blogs for a very long time now. Let's just say I felt a yearning to be a blogger! I love reviewing items, anything hair related and tons more. I have some fun posts planned (if my camera and computer cooperate), but obviously school and family are more important. I will try and post frequently (I am not sure what I mean by frequently yet) so keep checking my blog out. Thanks!!
-Hannah (the human) and Hanna (the doll)