Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Sites July 13th!!!

Hi everyone!!! It's Saturday and..... We have Saturday Sites up and running again!! Whoo hoo!! Are you excited??? I know I am! :) Let's get started!

This week's Saturday sites are all fun blogs!!! (click on the blog name to go there, other special pages will have links throughout the description)

  • Ciao Bella- This is an adorable site! She does lots of book reviews, movie reviews, recipes, and lots of other stuff. She has a few posts about dolls, but what makes it soooo spectacular is that she has created two huge free printable sets for dolls that are amazing!! (you may have seen this on Doll Diaries a few weeks ago) Click here for Summer Fun For Dolls and here for Doll School!!!
  • Me and My Gals has tons of cute hairstyles, adorable photos, awesome photo shoots, and lots more! Her photography makes her dolls look like real people. Her wit and sense of humor makes her blog something amazing!!  Seriously, I read all of her posts back to her very first one!!! (I think) Anyways, go check it out RIGHT NOW!
  • Our AG Adventures is a blog with everything from crafts, serious fashion advice and Etsy clothing, to series in between. There is super cute photography, and all of her dolls look amazing all the time with stylish hairstyles and fashionable clothing. I can't even describe here the wide range of topics that they blog about. I think you will love it... so obviously pop on over there!!
 Have fun exploring these sites!!!  Remember to be sociable and leave a kind comment when you visit these blogs! We wouldn't mind a few though either... =) We will see you again on Monday with a fun craft... Oooohh, the suspense of waiting. Will you survive? ;) Have a nice weekend!!
~Hannah (the human)

P.S. I absolutely loved Iman's amazing post of genius fashion advice- didn't you?!?! If you missed our Fashion Friday post yesterday, check it out here!!!!

P.P.S. Have you noticed something new on our sidebar? No?!? You can now sign up to get an email when we post- you don't have to have a Google account to "subscribe" or "follow" our posts!! One more question... (Sorry, I know this is long) Is anyone on Bloglovin?? Let us know if you are- we are considering getting an account there. Thanks!!!! :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday With Iman!!!

Hi Again! :)

This is Iman with the first post for Fashion Friday weekly edition!

I am sooooo excited to write these posts and hope you will enjoy reading them! In the posts I will include pictures of clothing, accessories, nail polish etc.

I will write about the pictures and tell you what I think is "in". By "in" I mean things that I like right now not just things that are "popular" at the moment!

I will also tell you if I would wear items discussed. If I wouldn't wear them, I will say what I would change to show you my sense of style!


I LOVE floral print! Pretty much for everything!!! :) Floral print dresses, shirts, nail polish, shorts, jeans, bags, etc. :P I also love the western look! I love boots on girls as well! Pretty much any type! I would definitely wear this dress and boots!

It's Summer! What better to wear on your feet than flip-flops?! For constant swimmers....*ahem* Hannah *ahem*, flip-flops are the most useful in this season. Well...I guess I swim a lot too, but you know you do more Hannah! =D I love how these flip-flops have an imprint on the bottom. I love this color too, and would wear these with some shorts, a tank top, and my hair in a loose side braid, to get the summer look!

DRESSES!!!!! I love to wear dresses! This one is perfect for special events. This dress is super cute because it is a tank top with a skirt attached! I also love the cuff bracelet this girl is wearing! I would wear this outfit and bracelet with some black flats to perfect this look and put my hair in a high bun!

This is such a perfect mani! The shade of purple is just right paired with white polish. I like how the nail that is completely purple is dark enough to highlight the sparkles on top! I would name this mani Purple Clouds! :) I might use a lighter shade of purple, maybe lavender. I may like to substitute the white with baby blue. Finish this mani off with hair twisted in to a low messy knot and a floral dress (maybe like the dress in the first picture) and some tan flats to make it casual. 

I love these sandals, they are flip-flops and flats in one! Super cute! Sometimes, the separator in the middle of these type of shoes irritate the skin between my toes! :( So, I would wear them with caution. My face is small, so I may not wear these sunglasses. The shorts are cute and I would wear them as is. I am a fan of this outfit, however, I would add a short-sleeve (shade of brown similar to the sandals) cardi on top! The feather necklace and the bracelets are a nice touch to add to this summer outfit! Just add a loose side braid to top this off! :)

Oooooh!!! What a cute double side braid! It's perfect to wear with long earrings (as shown in the picture) and it would also look good with a dress! So, this picture is perfect! :) I would wear a short-sleeve cardigan (gray) over this dress. Sandals from previous picture would complete the look.

This is a cute braided hairstyle I love how the braid goes to the back of the head towards the right and then comes down the center! The white bow gives it a nautical feel! This hairstyle works well with a lot of outfits and events! For a casual look I would wear the sweater and hairstyle with some jeans and tan flats.

So.. I am going to start with the picture in the middle. I think of it as a girl who could be at a party or other semi-formal event! The picture to the right is cute because it is a side swept twisted bun. An interesting idea that I think is super stylish!! =D The picture on the left is two french braids which goes into a low bun above the neck! I love these hairstyles and would wear them the same way! 

These bangles scream out....... time for a party! You don't have to be from the Indian subcontinent to wear them. They can be worn by anybody! I would wear these in a heartbeat! (No joke!) Probably with a dress and some sandals with my hair down or perhaps with some jeans for a bohemian chic look!

Aaah friendship, it is a gift I will always treasure! These two girls look like they are the best of friends! The white and orange dresses are versatile and could be used for different events. I would love to have them in my wardrobe! I would complete the look by wearing my hair down or in a loose side braid. I might also wear tan flats or even prefer to go barefoot. 

Thank you so much for reading this SUPER LONG post! I had a lot of fun writing this. I hope you found some things you might like to try. Share your comments so I can become a better writer/blogger! :)


Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Doll Diaries Photo Contest Prize!!!

Hi everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed our first ever randomness post!!!! I really liked it!! Good job Iman! :) Today a long awaited package arrived in the mail...

My Doll Diaries Photo Contest Prize!! I was one of the lucky random winners of their Camp Doll Diaries Week 2 Photo Challenge. I opened it up to find...

A really cute tote bag with some stuff inside!!

The bag that it was all wrapped up in was sealed with a super cute pink H sticker!!!

I took all the stuff out of the bag, but isn't the bag adorable???

There were some really cute stickers...

A Doll Diaries business card...

And a Sophia's bag with two mini business cards!!!

Thank you so much Doll Diaries!! 

Thanks for reading!!! 
~Hanna (the doll)


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Randomness With Iman!!


This is my first official post on Hannah's awesome blog!!!

This new weekly edition will be completely random but some posts also may have a theme.

This week we have a few images to show a segment of a 4th of July theme!!! :)


Let me know what pictures you liked in the comments! I would love to find out so this weekly addition can be fun for everyone!!!!!

Thanks for reading!!!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blog Spotlight:Tea Time With Melody Q!!!

Hi everyone. Today we are going to be doing a blog spotlight on...

Tea Time With Melody Q!!!

Melody Q has a great blog!!! She has been posting lots of pictures from her recent trip to Coolspring where she saw lots of big, old engines!!!! Her dolls have also just arrived at Camp and have been documenting their adventures. She also shares her thoughts on teas. My favorite part of this blog is that Melody owns a lot of older, retired, outfits and showcases at least one in almost every post. I enjoy looking at retired outfits so that is awesome in my opinion. If you want to read my past little write-up of her blog click here. Be sure to go visit Tea Time with Melody Q. here as well. :)
Thanks for reading!!!
~Hannah (the human)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Blog Spotlight: AG Girl!!!

Hi everyone!!! I hope you are all enjoying your week!!! I am here today to do a little blog spotlight. Today's blog spotlight is on....

AG Girl!!!!!

This blog is written by TL Irvin, who comments on this blog frequently. It is a fairly new blog, so I can't do much but to say that your blog is adorable!!! She has lots of cute photostories featuring all of her dolls, as well as a super-cute Meet the Dolls page that I know she has been working hard on. :) So far she has Saige, Kit, and Kanani's profiles up. Anyways, head on over to AG Girl and take a look!!! I am sure you will love it!!! (TL, keep up the fabulous work!!!!)
~Hannah (the human)