Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekend Fun Outfit: Ways to Wear!!!

Hi everyone!! The outfit that I got was the Weekend Fun Outfit. It was really last minute as I was going to get the Pink Polka-Dot flats, but paying $14 dollars for a pair of shoes that was cute, but not a must have was not a purchase I wanted to make. I grabbed the outfit at the last minute because I had thought it was cute for a while and it is one of the outfits that is actually well made. (more on that later) Anyways, I will review it later but for today I will share some pictures of the outfit and a couple different ways to wear it.

The outfit consists of a cute blue floral tunic-like shirt, a white vest, skinny cuffed jeans, purple gladiator sandals, and a purple headband of the same shade.

The vest looks really great with this outfit, and it looks really nice if you put a different bright colored shirt under it,

This American Girl Chicago tee looks amazing!!!!

This is without the vest. Personally without the vest the sandals look odd and some warmer shoes should be worn instead.

Here are some different pants. I think black pants would make it too dark, so I added white pants. I think this would look classy with or without the vest.

 The pants can be rolled into cute cuffs or unrolled. I prefer the cuffed look with the sandals but depending on the shoes either look might work better. The sandals are adorable and my only complaint is that on the left shoe the toes will not come out as far and it looks weird.

The headband is amazing and well made. It is the exact same shade as the sandals.
Overall this outfit is gorgeous and I really do think that this outfit would compliment any doll.

I did the scavenger hunt while I was at the store. It was really fun!! They had six prompt cards all around the store, and once you found them you answered on the card. I got a really nice Saige poster after as the prize, but I thought the back of the card was a poster on its own. 
Thanks for reading everyone! Remember, tomorrow is Fashion Friday, although you are stuck with me this week! ; )
~Hannah (the human)


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  1. That is a great find and buy! Very versatile. I see how the flowers in the shirt match the headband and sandals.
    Glad to hear you had a good time with the scavenger hunt too.


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