Friday, August 9, 2013

Fashion Friday 8-9-13!!

Hi Everyone!!! It"s time for Fashion Friday!!
This super cute athletic watch would be perfect for me!! Between hectic mornings before the bus comes, swim team practice, and whatever science experiment I participate in, I like my water proof watch. This is bright and colorful and would look nice with some athletic shorts, a t-shirt, and some cute running shoes.
This dress is casual but the layers and the clean cut of it all makes this dress fancier. The jersey material on the bodice of the dress would most likely be soft and comfy. A long necklace, a bright blue cardigan and some cute thong sandals would make this an adorable outfit!!

These pajamas would be perfect for staying cool on a hot summer night!! The penguin graphics are hilarious and make the pajamas even better! I would soo wear these as where I live the nights are hot and I sleep better when it I am cool, so these style of pajamas are what keeps me the most comfortable!!

I love this shade of blue!!!! These flats just look soo cute and have such a classic feel. These would be the perfect touch on many different outfits!! I wear my flats with skirts in the summer, jeans in fall and winter, and flouncy dresses in the spring!  The patent leather and the tan sole make these shoes look elegant yet casual. The blue contrast binding is the icing on the cake!!!

make an oversized men's t-shirt turn into a cute summer dress

  I love this tutorial!! If you have a big tshirt around, you could be wearing a dress!!You are certain to stretch out the neckline and it probably wouldn't be long enough for a dress, so jeans and a cardigan would be smart. And always remember, be careful while wearing strapless tops!! :)

Thanks for reading!! Come back tomorrow for Saturday Sites!!!
~Hannah (the human)
P.S. For some reason the text is going off the page after the last picture. Sorry!!! :(


  1. Neat finds. The first dress picture doesn't seem to show.
    Perhaps blogger is having some issues...first my super huge picture yesterday and now your text.
    Ah, technology.

  2. I think I fixed the problem as it now loads on my computer, but please let me know if any pictures don't work.

  3. cute cute CUTE!!!! I love your choices bestie! Looks like we may have similar styles after all! :)


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