Thursday, August 8, 2013

School Supplies Crafts!!

Hello everyone!! So my awesome friend Megan has been over a couple of times this week and we have been doing some crafts. Megan's is pretty genius so I will share her craft first.

What you will need to make a doll sized notebook:
  • Cardstock or patterned paper for a cover
  • Hair elastics, mini rubber bands
  • A button and Needle and thread or hot glue
  • Yarn
  • 3 inch by 5 inch ruled notecards
  • Tape and scissors
Measure a piece of sturdy paper to be your cover. It should be slightly bigger than your notecards. Fold some notecards in half so that they have a middle crease. Fold your cardstock in half as well. Line up the center creases and then place two hair elastics or hair ties on top of the crease so that they hold it all together like a book.

Place a strip of tape twice as wide as your button and "fold" it over the front cover to reinforce the paper. Sew or hot glue your button so that it is slightly raised.

 Tape a piece of yarn to the back cover to wrap around the button in front. 

You now have a gorgeous notebook!!!!!!!!!!!!

We also made a folder from the Doll Diaries 100 Days of Doll Play pdf from last year. You can find it here.  We also cut some of the notecards in half as they make perfect doll sized sheets of ruled paper!!!

And a final artsy shot...

I think the glitter on the cardstock that we were using looks really cool in this picture!! 
Thanks for reading!! Tomorrow is Fashion Friday!!!!
~Hannah (the human) and Megan

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  1. These are great!
    I found some printable folders online. A few are on the cutesy side. Your glittery ones are cool.
    Thank you for sharing.


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