Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Sites 7/20/13!!!!

Hi wonderful bloggy friends,
Before I start this post I would like to let you all know that I (Hannah) am getting ready to leave for camp tomorrow. This camp is no-electronics-at-all and overnight. It goes until Friday and then I leave that night on a family vacation and then go up with my family to my dad's work conference. I won't be back until Thursdayish. Until I come back I know I have a few posts that are already written, but Iman has some great stuff in store for you!!! I might have on and off Internet/computer access but I am not really sure. Please be patient with us these next two weeks as we will be operating on half of our staff! :) So this week's Saturday Sites post is more of a collection of articles/blogs I stumbled upon this week...
  • Char at Doll Diaries' mini Saige arrived!! Check it out here.
  • My Dolls and Me; an American Girl Doll Blog is a super cute blog who recently scored a white-bodied Molly!! Check out her blog to find out more!
  • A Doll's Life is a really nice and professional blog with super cute photography. This is really a great blog. Go check it out!
Thanks for reading!! As I said before please be patient with us for the next two weeks. It would be greatly appreciated! And don't forget to leave kind and encouraging comments on all of Iman's posts!!
~Hannah (the human)
P.S. Now would be a great time to send in your reader submissions!! Send them in to Please limit your post to only having 10 photos! Thanks!!!

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