Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Polls!!! And a bit on the Royal Baby, Saige's Movie, and other things...

Hi everyone!!! It is time for a change in the polls!!! This question was submitted by TL Irvin of AG Girl!! Her question is... What is your favorite flower??? Look at our sidebar on the right to vote!!! We need more questions for the weeks ahead!! Feel free to give us your question with up to 6 answers! If you have any questions about our polls systems, click here for our big post about that. Thanks!!!!!

Is everyone excited for the Royal Baby's arrival?!? I cannot wait! I found this interactive family tree of the Royal family and thought I would share. Click here to go to CNN and look at this super-cool interactive family tree!!!
This post is about to get long, just a warning!!
I also watched the Saige movie on Saturday night. They had a ton of commercials, which I found to be annoying,  and I also heard comments that some of the commercials were not appropriate for 8+ year old girls. I did see this but I am not in that age group so it didn't come to mind. I am sure that girls even younger than 8 were watching as well, because there are 5 year-olds with AG dolls. This is poor behavior from NBC, and I know from reading the comments on AG's Facebook page that many parents were upset. Another complaint about NBC's job of showing the movie was that for the time I was watching it, the last 3 minutes were cut off by breaking news, the topic of which is also not appropriate for young girls.  My aunt in New Mexico was also watching (I will share her comments later) and for her the breaking news took a large chunk out of the middle of the movie as it was showed at a different time. It should have started at 6:00 with the time difference but it started later for her. Many people think AG should re-air the movie, and I think so too.
My aunt lives in New Mexico and knows the area that they were filming in very well. She has also been to Balloon Fiesta many times. My aunt is a teacher as well so she knows how schools work. Here are some of her comments-
  • No teacher would ever introduce a new student as being from South Albuquerque. 
  • The outdoor scenery really looks like that, AG did not use a backdrop.
  • There is no parade in Balloon Fiesta, later she noticed it was in Old Town Albuquerque, which is no where near Balloon Fiesta.
  • The horse riding is all very fake looking.
  • She thinks all the singing is due to Glee.
  • The meeting with the principal is lame. (I agree, our principal is nothing like that)
  • What reporter claps? (at the press conference)
  • Saige in the balloon is fake, it is probably set up in the balloon museum.
  • Aerial shot of the ground is great, you can see the Bosque bike trail
  • Guitar music is great.
  • The kids look well off, you would think the parents could raise $5000.
  • There is footage of the actual Balloon Fiesta, but they don't show all of it.
  • Good shots from Balloon Fiesta, liked the guitar music, nice outdoor scenery shots, everything else was meh. 
Thank you Aunt Deb!!! Your input is highly valued!! My brother also made a comment that when Mimi is in bed wearing her half-moon glasses with her looong white hair she looks like Dumbledore from Harry Potter. 
Thanks for reading this insanely long post. Check back tomorrow for our randomness post!!
~Hannah (the human)


  1. LOL! Dumbledore! I hope Mimi didn't grow a beard. :D
    I missed it and would like to see it, do you and your aunt think it is good enough to purchase the DVD?

  2. Hi Melody! I would see if you could get a copy of the movie at the library or some other free method. Several years ago we saw the Kit movie (with the basset hound) in the theater, and I thought that movie was much better.

    One of the other misses in the movie was a "sunrise" that was either not filmed in Albuquerque or was actually a sunset. In Albuquerque the sun always rises over the Sandias. It is one of the beautiful scenes I get to witness on my drive into school each morning.

    The Debster


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