Friday, July 19, 2013

Another Fashion Friday!

Hey there girls! I'm back with another fashion friday post. I hope you all enjoyed reading my post wednesday as well as the two posts I wrote last week. This post will be a bit shorter then last week's because I am a little short on time :) I will try better next week. Did you love Hannah's post showing how to create beach waves on dolls? I know I thought it was an awesome idea. (Keep up the great DIY doll posts Hannah!! :)

SO.... now it is time for FASHION FRIDAY!!!!!!

This girl looks absolutely stunning in this dress! I love the white swans against the baby blue background. Keep your hair long and wavy or in a high dainty ballerina bun and *DING DING* you've got a winner! :) I would love this dress and it would go in on my fave list immediately! :)

This low messy bun has been a recent go-to for me and I have to say I think it goes perfectly with this cardigan that has buttons on the back (so different, but a cute trend all the same) paired with a pair of jean shorts. This outfit would fit me well better if I substituted the shorts with coral capris. (I love the combination of mint green and coral lately and the shorts are just too short for my comfort)

I used to make similar crowns like this when I was little except I made them out of leaves with my mom! I would like to make one out of flowers like this one though. It would be a different look for me and I think it would suite me well. For me I would wear a floral dress (maybe the one from last weeks post) with this flower crown. I love the colors in this one, the different shades of purple look beautiful.

Oooh what a cute outfit! The flowers on the shirt look pretty but at the same time the shirt is casual. The shorts are too short but, I like the shade they have made them out of. I would wear longer shorts or capris. The shoes look pretty and are similar to the color of the earrings. The earrings are nice and long but I would do better without them. To finish this fabulous outfit there is a small brown hand bag. A girl could carry a small amount of things. In other words, the purse is the perfect size for me.

Personally, this dress is a bit much because I don't go to fancy events that would be perfect for this gown. I think it is a pretty dress and I like how it has short sleeves. The bow is much too large for my liking but, I would probably try this on for fun! :)

This picture reminds me of Cinderella. What do you girls think? The long dainty white gloves and blue gown pretty much convinced me the second I eyed it. I would try it on just for fun....maybe with a pair of glass slippers?! :)

I don't know why but this girl reminds me of Carly Rae Jepsen! :) Anyway... I love how in this picture she is donning a floral dress (one of my many favorite trends remember?) in a field of flowers. This affect practically makes her blend into the background! The white ankle boots are cute with this dress and I love the curly brown hair! I am so *ahem* NOT *ahem* jealous :) I love this outfit and it would give me the feel of blooming and just Spring in general! :)

Ok girls so that was pretty short compared to last week's Fashion Friday post right? Sorry again I need to work on remembering my priorities and becoming even more organized. (like Hannah) Can't wait to see the Saturday Sites.

Fashionably Yours,

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  1. I'd love to have that flower crown. The crowns make her look very dreamy. And like you said, the picture looks like Cinderella!


  2. Hey Willsbardgirl! Thanks for your comment! I agree the flower crown does make her look dreamy! :) CInderella it is! :)

    Fashionably Yours,



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