Monday, July 22, 2013

Crafty Monday: Doll Trundle Bed!!

Hi everyone!! As promised, today's post is all about my trundle bed. It is soo comfy and big!! I love it! I do want to mention that the main frame and idea of the bed was inspired by My Froggy Stuff's How to Make a Doll Daybed with Pull-Out Trundle. Now for pictures. I don't have pictures of Hannah making it, but I do have the final result pictures.

I will apologize in advance for the lighting issues. Silly Hannah was in a rush to finish before she had to finish packing. Here is the bed, though I ended up switching my pillows to the other end.

Here is the main frame. Hannah wrapped the bed with white computer paper instead of fabric. The only issues with it is it gets dusty and can rip, but it has a nice clean finish.

Here is the underside of the bed. I reinforced it with cardboard strips and lots and lots of tape.

Because the paper didn't cover all of the bed and to give it a nicer finish, I wrapped two sheets of sturdy cardboard and laid it over the unfinished area. It helps to reinforce it as well. Here I am for size comparison. Hannah made the bed bigger so that two to three people can lounge on the bed comfortably.

 A side and back view of the bed.

If you haven't noticed already, the bed is a bit slanted, so Hannah grabbed some bottle caps that she has been saving from this amazing lemonade she loves, taped two together twice, and put one on the back corner and the front end on the lower side. She also added a tape roll to the top to help it stay in place.

 Hannah had been saving this sheet of styrofoam for a while and was able to use it to make a super cushy mattress. (If you can't tell already Hannah is a corner cutter when it comes to big projects) She took some stuffing from an old Halloween costume and arranged it on the top, took a piece of fabric, put it over the stuffing, flipped it over and taped it to the styrofoam. She used scotch tape and it does come off occasionally, but it sticks right back on.

Hannah got this cool butterfly fleece and cut twice the amount she needed. Then she flipped it inside out and stitched until she almost had a bag. Then she flipped it right side out, finished sewing it closed, and made a lightweight but warm comforter/blanket.

The trundle part was a box trimmed down to flat cardboard, then we cut tabs in it and made a box. Two pieces of leftover styrofoam were wrapped to look like drawers and taped to the front. Drawer pulls were contemplated but decided against.

Hannah might make matching bedding (if she ever gets around to it) but the bedding I had on my old bed works perfectly. The fake drawers slide right in and completes the look!!

I added my body pillow and my stuffed animals. Supposedly some coordinating pillows are in the works, but you never know.

The best thing about this bed is having friends over!! This is Jerry and he is a very good friend of mine.

Jerry and I both enjoyed our beds. We thought they were very comfy. 

Thanks for reading!! Iman has a great series-of-sorts that she will be doing this week and next, so be sure to keep stopping by!! And reader submissions are always welcome at!! :) Bye!!!
~Hanna (the doll) 
P.S. Two cats and two places to sleep equals double relaxation. 
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