Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hairstyle: Beachy Waves!!

Hi everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed randomness yesterday! The pictures were all soo yummy! First off I want to mention that we created a page where you can learn how to sponsor a giveaway. It is right underneath the big header that says Hanna's Hangout. (I am supposed to be able to change the text and color and such of the bar, but the computer will not recognize the changes. If any of you have had this problem and fixed it, I would love to know!!!) Check it out here.
Anyways, today's post is how to do a beachy waves hairstyle on your doll. Here is what you will need-
  • claw clips, bobby pins, or hairbands
  • doll hairbrush
  • water spritzer bottle (really just water, if you want you can add a few drops of fabric softener to help keep your dolls hair looking nice)

Here are all of my supplies. 

The first step is to get your doll's hair wet. Remember to keep your doll's eyes dry. You will need the hair to be wet, not damp. If your doll has earrings, take them out. I find that there is always a strand or two that gets snagged on an earring and doesn't get incorporated into the hairstyle.

Sorry for the lack of pictures on this step, it is hard to do hair and hold a camera at the same time!! :) 
Next you will want to divide all of the hair into equal chunks, twist, and coil into a bun. I secured mine with claw clips, I find that they work really well for styles like this.

It doesn't look good, but this will naturally give the hair volume and wave. Let the coils dry most of the way through. (1-3 hours depending on how strong you want the wave) If you want super curly hair, leave the coils in overnight or for a couple of days.

WOW!!! Don't worry, this isn't the result. Take out whatever is holding your coils together. (I took out the claw clips) Carefully and gently separate the hair out of the coils, but don't make them lose their shape. The hair might should still be damp, so put your doll somewhere where her whole head has open air around it. Let your doll's hair dry completely. It shouldn't take long.

It is hard to see in some of the pictures, but after the hair completely dried there was a really nice gentle wave/curl. The first picture shows it the best.

I put Hanna in a swimsuit and gently finger-styled her hair. (A brush will take the wave right out.)
Doesn't she look like she just got out of the water? Her hair has the slightly wavy/frizzy look that is so popular right now!!

This is my favorite picture of Hanna right now. She looks a lot like Saige. (Especially the wind blown hair)
Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoyed this post!!!
~Hannah (the human)
P.S. Tomorrow is Fashion Friday!!!!


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