Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Melted Crayon Sun!

Hi girls! It's time for an art project!

My inspiration was this picture of melted crayons! 

You will need:
  • crayons (any colors you want!)
  • glue gun
  • hair dryer
  • canvas (I used 12 in x 12 in/30.4 cm x 30.4 cm)
  • tarp
  • plastic spoon

Begin by peeling the paper off the crayons. I used red, orange, & yellow. Ask an adult nearby to use an x-acto knife to complete this task quickly and easily. After this, begin breaking crayons into 1/4 and 1/3 sized crayon pieces.

Next, I traced a large circular object to become the center of the "sun" I created. Now it's time to glue! Use a hot glue gun & stick the crayon onto the canvas, making sure to place the pieces onto the inner part of the circle.

For the next step, make sure to cover surrounding areas with tarp.  Melting crayons are messy and can splatter! Turn hair dryer on and start melting the crayons. This took me about 10 minutes.

After the short wait, I took a plastic spoon and began to spread the melted wax around.

Oooh what a bright sun! But wait, we're only half-way done! Break the crayons you want for the rays & glue them down.

Keep the hair dryer above the crayon pieces blowing heat downwards. I began to mess around with the direction of heat to blend colors.  Have fun with the creation you make! All in all, this step took about 30 minutes to complete.

My final product was a perfect version of the Sun! You may notice some crayon pieces remain on the canvas while others fell off! I like this texture, but you may prefer to melt all crayons completely.

Here is another piece I made by melting crayons which I call Space!



  1. This is really pretty!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sorry girls, this post was supposed to be today's post but Hannah said she would schedule a post for Tuesday but since hers was scheduled for Monday as well I will make this the post for tomorrow! Sorry for the confusion! Also, Hannah said I would be able to moderate the blog but I can't so sorry but I am unable to publish your comments. :( Thanks for all your nice comments I am happy you liked the crayon art. :)


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