Thursday, July 25, 2013

Strawberry Buckle!

What's Summer without strawberries!? When you have too many strawberries and can't seem to eat them up you can make a delish dessert.

1. Gather all baking ingredients and tools.
(I used strawberries but the recipe calls for raspberries as well)

2. Combine butter and sugar.

 3. Add egg and stir.

4. Measure flour, baking powder, and salt into bowl.

5. Combine 3 & 4 and add yogurt.

6. Add 5 into an 11x7 greased pan. (I used an 8x8)
7. Add sliced strawberries on top of batter.

8. Sugar, flour, ground cinnamon, and butter to make topping.

9. Spread topping over fruit.

10. Bake and eat!

Enjoy this delicious treat!

Baker Iman

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