Friday, July 26, 2013

Fashionista Alert! :) (FASHION FRIDAY!!!!)

What's up girls!? I hope you don't mind that there are not many pictures to show you for this post. I promise I will make it up to you girls! (if you enjoy my posts that is?!) :) I really hope you do because I have a lot of fun writing them! These pictures don't really go well together, but I think they show super cute fashion sense on their own! :) Like always, please enjoy! :)

I think at some point most girls put on a pair of shorts and a comfy t-shirt. What do you girl's think is the most comfy to wear? I would wear this on a super hot day with an orange flower clip in my hair!

This girl looks amazingly adorable! I love her sun hat with the red ribbon with the bow tied in the back. The dress which is mostly a stunning red makes the ribbon on the hat stand out more! The blue bow on the back of the dress looks very nice and tones down the stylish outfit. I would have loved to wear this outfit when I was younger!

Although this picture of a lovely young lady looks slightly strange I love her dress! The bright colors of the floral print convinced me right away that this is a must-have for me.

This combo reminds me of a Native American girl. The tribal earrings look like feathers but I would skip them because my ears are very sensitive! :( The jeans are kind of slim but I still love them because of the cuffs! These capris are super cute! The shoes and shirt are two styles I am not a fan of for myself, however I do like this trend on others. To sum it up, this outfit is not for me.

As Hannah has mentioned recently, Summer is coming to an end. Therefore, I have decided to include OMBRE NAILS in this post! Why, you ask? I love this new trend, it is subtle and pops at the same time, (a hard combination to find) and I think it screams out, IT'S SUMMER!!! Bright colors do show Summer least for me. Anyway, onto the next picture.... 

Ooooh this girl's hair is soooo pretty!!! How I love the white bow in her hair, it looks even more adorable with the white dress she has on. I would definitely do my hair this way. I would really like to wear this dress as well.

Yes. I know I showed a flower crown last week, I just wanted to do another one because I found this one cute as well. (and this may happen with other fashion accessories and items as well) I may post some similar pictures throughout the weekly additions of Fashion Friday! So, the pink roses look cute and I think the bits of green small rose buds (they are yet to bloom :) are needed in this fabulous crown. I would wear this with the white dress you saw earlier in this post and a pair of pink flats.

Ok, so that just about wraps up this post! Hannah is coming back and will post the normal weekly Saturday Sites tomorrow! I hope you liked the extra posts I wrote this week while Hannah was away! See you next week for another weekly addition of randomness and FASHION FRIDAY posts! Enjoy the weekend and savor the last few weeks of Summer! :)

Fashionably Yours,

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