Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review of the AG Fancy Ice Skates!!!

Hello everyone!!! It is actually cold enough to go skating- my brother and dad went two days ago on the lake by our house!! I got these skates for Christmas and might actually get some skating in (not outside skating, indoor)!!!!

The skates come in a box like the fashion boots. 
They cost $18 normally, but I got them on sale for $7 on the Black Friday sale. I don't think I would pay $18 for them, which is why I got them on sale. I think for $18 AG could have put in a cute skate bag to hold them, even if it had Innerstar U stuff on it.

The skates are more of a cream color than the white in this picture. They have decorative gold stitching in the front but the rest of the stitching is white and blends in.The laces do not come out and are something like tinsel woven around an elastic cord. I think the gold details is what makes AG call them "Fancy" ice skates.

Side view.

Back view. The skates are easy to get on and off but the little tab thing helps.

They kind of bunch up a little but who cares!!

It is possible to get your doll to stand in different positions.

The end is slightly pointy but not really.

The front end does have these little grooves. They don't really do anything except make them more realistic.

Here you can see the little peg thingys that hold the metal skate onto the boot.

This is the 2006 rhythmic gymnastics set leotard.

By "glittery skate guards" AG means clear plastic skate guards with a few pieces of glitter mixed in. They are flexible and it might be difficult for a little kid to get them to stay on, I usually have to press them on. They could use some more glitter if AG wants to call them glittery.

This is just to show what I mean of nothing holds the skate guards on and how they could fall off and get lost. The skates are really cool, but for the price you wish they came with more stuff, I could see adding a bag, hair accessories, and even gloves or mittens to even out the cost. By the way, a sheet of aluminum foil makes a great ice rink thingy. Stay tuned for more posts!!!!!
-Hannah (the human)
P.S. feel free to leave a comment and ask about something i may not have covered!!!


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