Monday, December 31, 2012

AG stuff at Costco!!!!

 Hello!!! I went to Costco on Saturday and went to the book section to see what AG stuff they had. I found these pet travel sets for $23, which is one dollar more than if you buy the pets online from AG. The only pets they had were Pepper, Sugar, and Honey, and each set came with the pet (no collar), two food dishes with the pet's name on them, a blue and purple pillow with the pet's name embroidered on it, and a placemat for the dishes. It all comes in a cardboard "carrier/crate" with holes in the top, and one side opens easily so you can reuse the "carrier/crate". These are only available at Costco and possibly other stores but not online at Now for the photos... (sorry for the bad quality pictures, I took them with my iPod)

Each box has breathing holes...

This is where you open the box, every box has this.

Hanna is on a lot of packaging!!!!
-Hannah (the human)
P.S. Happy New Years Eve!!! See you in 2013!!!!

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  1. Cute!
    I have seen the books and a mini doll now and then at Costco.
    I think Costco can sell anything that can be found at Barnes & Noble or other independent bookstores.
    Happy New Year!
    Melody Q


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