Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Sites- Saige!!!

I am getting so excited for Saige's release!! This weeks Saturday Sites post has links to more Saige info!!

~Saige Reviews- Doll Diaries has put together a list of reviews from bloggers who received Saige and her media packet, plus more pictures.

~Saige's AG homepage- This page is the GOTY archives and they now have a window for Saige. You can "track her journey to the store nearest you" and play her new game, which I don't really like. I found it really hard and always quit after level 1. I really love the purple and gold theme!!!

~Saving up for an AG item- Liz at American Girl Fan shared tips a while ago on saving up for expensive doll items, I think we all have that doll item that we really want. American Girl has tons of stuff but it all has a ginormous price tag!!!

Enjoy!!! I am really excited for Saige's release!!! Check back tomorrow for a review of the fancy ice skates form AG!!!!
~Hannah (the human)

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  1. Hannah and Hanna strike again! A job well done on all of your posts and your new blog!!! I can't wait for your future posts! I told two of my friends about your blog and gave them the link to it! Your totalpage views should go up soon! Talk to you later!

    The Dancer


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