Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AG fashion boots review

Good morning, dolls and humans! With Black Friday coming up I figured now would be a great time for a review of the American Girl Fashion boots. They cost $14, which is a lot for doll boots, but, hello, this is American Girl we're talking about. They come in a doll sized shoebox with AG tissue paper. 
The box! 

 The label on the box is printed on.

                                                The fancy AG tissue paper!! 

The boots are obviously black. The seams are visible, mostly because the inside of the material is white.

As you saw in the picture with the tissue paper, there is a small rectangle piece. I think it is meant to be like a button or something with the metal stud. The metal stud is glued on  because it is not punched through the fabric. Mine are already coming off and I do not play rough with them.

As with most AG shoes, they have Velcro in the back. THESE WOULD BE A NIGHTMARE FOR TIGHTS OR LITTLE KIDS NOT LINING UP THE VELCRO. I surprisingly found it hard to take them off, but you get better with practice. I could see little kids tugging on them and struggling, and in the process, ripping off the metal stud.
(please pardon crazy Pepper)
A better view of the Velcro. The hook side is facing out, but if a pair of tights got caught they would get snagged.

This is the inside of the boot. If you can see the stitching of the rectangle piece, you will notice there is no metal piece for the back of the stud.

These boots look great with leggings, tight-fitting pants, and tights. I am not sure how the would look with flared pants, but there is not that much extra room in the boot once your doll puts her foot in.

 I am glad I got them, and they are pretty good quality. A younger child does not care about quality, they care about looks and these look great. However, once you are older and spending your own money you care about both. The price is high but it is better than AG's outfits. If you can get these on sale this week, but you are unsure of whether or not to get them, I would get them. You might regret it later! If you have any questions  please leave a comment so I can answer them.
-Hannah (the human)
P.S. stay tuned for holiday hair part 2
P.P.S. Thank you for being patient with the lack of Photos, I just figured out how to add them today.


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