Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Runaway Pup Part 1!!!

Hello everyone!!! Today I got my AG catalog, if you haven't gotten yours yet AG has a free catalog app for iPad that you can get. But the purpose of this post is to give my thoughts on AG's second-newest app, Runaway Pup. It is second-newest to Saige's app, Paint Ponies, which I will not review unless asked to because it is free. Anyway, Runaway Pup is $2.99 which makes it AG's first paid app. Personally it is the worst one they have made so far, but then again it is rated 4+ which I find odd because they have rated all of the MAG stuff 8+. Weird. The game goes like this:

And that was only part one!! So what happens in the pictures I showed you is you start the game and go to the menu of which guide to be. You can replay the guide once you complete the app. You play your first mini game, Guide Gear. Basically you get to choose an outfit. Then the friend that is automatically set for you pops in the text you get. It is the same for every guide, the text Isabel got is virtually the same as the one Emmy got, only the names changed. The text says that your guide is waiting somewhere for the friend, they get a text saying that Pepper is lost, and then the friend shows up, blah, blah, blah. Then you play the second mini game, which is similar to Marisol's game and Saige's horse parade game. Thats all for today!!! Stay tuned for part 2!!!!
-Hanna (the doll)


  1. I didn't know Costco had ag stuff! I have to go there!

  2. It looks super fun, but I don't know if I should pay $3 for it


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