Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Friday 8-30-13!!

Hello everyone!! I thought that this weeks Fashion Friday would be my opinions on the new outfits from the AG Winter Release. Overall I really liked most of the outfits but there are somethings that I just don't care for..  
Frosty Fair Isle Set  

This is my favorite outfit from the release!! I love the shades of blue and purple that they chose, I think they are wintry colors without being too cold. I think that the gray pants add the perfect touch. Style-wise, I firmly believe that leggings are not pants, but yoga pants like this are fine. I love the boots, and the sweater's pattern is really cute!! I Like the headband too!!!! With a price of 30 dollars it is not outrageously expensive!!

Puffy Jacket for Dolls
I love this Jacket!! This style of jacket is very popular right now where I live because it is warm enough for the bus stop in the morning in winter but not bulky to the point where it won't fit in your locker. I love the gloves because something about the fingerless part appeals to me. For a jacket and gloves $24 dollars is a little much, in my opinion.

Coconut Fun Outfit
The Coconut  Outfits are almost a series in AG history. I personally think this is very cute. I love the colors. The headband and shirt are adorable!! On girls, I don't really like shorts-over-leggings,  but this looks cute on the doll. The shoes are basic but look very cute. This outfit has tons of mix-and-match opportunity, so $28 dollars is a nice price.

Polar Bear Pajamas
These are adorable and soo soo cute!!! I love the tunic and leggings style of pajamas!! The blue with the polar bears is super cute, and I think a lot of people will be happy that it isn't pink! I am also a huge fan of polar bears. The boots are just so amazing! I think this outfit will be very popular this year. (Anyone else notice a bit of a boot theme?)  $24 is a very reasonable price!!!

Sparkly Sequin Outfit
This outfit is OK. It is not anything special in my book. While I like the separate pieces (the lace on the skirt and the sequins are just too cute) it is too much together. I think If they left off the sequins and replace them with some fine iridescent-y glitter on the shirt that is not that loud, it would be a perfect outfit. I do love the purple color and the shoes and barrette are cute. This has a bit more of a price tag at $30 dollars.

I will review the rest of the release items later. 
Thanks for reading!!
~Hannah (the human)


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  2. Nice review. My favorite of the new releases is the Coconut Fun Outfit followed by the Fair Isle set.
    The slipper/boots from the Polar Bear PJs would pair nicely with the Fair Isle outfit when relaxing in the lodge after a day on the slopes. :)

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