Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: Sweet Peach Glasses!!

Hi everyone!!! I know that you might have been expecting part 2 of the dog biscuit post, but I was painting them and they started to crack and crumble on me as the middle was still soft. :( I also forgot to mention that the biscuits were for PLAY only and not to give to your dog. The high salt content not only makes it inedible but it tastes really bad. :P Anyways, I wanted to use this chance I had to review the Sweet Peach Glasses on sale from AG. They are still available.

Here is the box!! AG has great packaging. If any of you remember the raspberry  glasses I had, those broke back in February.

I opened it up to find the glasses in the plastic box with the case.

(just to show the fit)

When I first put them on Hanna, I immediately noticed that the glasses sat nicely on the face without any added support like a headband. They literally have a perfect fit. At first I did not like the way they looked but now I love them and think they are soo cute. These are very well made and feel sturdy. However, with rougher  play these might not hold up to yanking the arms open and smashing them on the doll's face.

I really like their cases, except for the fact that they only protect the glasses from being scratched. For the price I would almost expect a hard case of some sorts. The front of it looked fine, but the back....

Not only is there a huge tag, but the threads are a bit wonky on the outside stitching and there is a big, loose thread. Nothing major, but again, for the price you expect quality.

Overall I am very happy with the glasses and am very glad I got them.
Thanks for reading!!!
~Hannah (the human)

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  1. They look fabulous!
    My (Melody's) rectangle glasses flew off the other day when I (she) fell during a photo shoot. They survived. :) I dread the day they don't.


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