Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Hair Part 2

Hello everyone! Are you enjoying your doll's soft and shiny hair? I know that when my doll's hair gets brushed, the ends get uneven after a while. Eventually, she might look like she needs a trim. Well, Holiday Hair Part 2 is all about trimming your doll's hair! 


  • a small garbage can
  • scissors
  • your doll
  • a towel
  • mom and/or dad (unless you are old enough to know what you are doing and you are 12 or older.)
  • Permission from your mom and/or dad
  • spray bottle (bowl works too)
  • water
step 1. Have your mom and/or dad read this post, and DO NOT do this project without their permission. If you are unsure of whether or not to do this (if you are nervous about cutting your doll's hair) DO NOT DO THIS PROJECT. American Girl dolls and other dolls cost A LOT to fix.

step 2. take your dolls clothes off so you do not get hair all over them. (my doll is in a robe so there are no naked doll pictures) 

step 3. put your doll's hair in a ponytail.

step 4. remove all accessories and jewelry, then wrap your doll in a towel. Make sure her eyes are covered!!!

step 5. Take out the ponytail and gently brush out her hair. Look at all those long ends!!!

step 6. Take your spray bottle and spray water into your hand. Use this to get the front of your doll's hair wet. If you want you can carefully spray the back of her head.

step 7. Get all of your doll's hair wet. Then part her hair where you normally have it parted. You can take off the towel now but do not let her hair get in her face!

step 8. Get your garbage can! Put your dolls arms out so she is hanging from the sides.

step 9. Brush your dolls hair out and hold it between your fingers. Then slowly cut the long hairs. Do not actually make your dolls hair shorter or hack off huge chunks. GO SLOW AND BE CAREFUL!!!!!! Cut over the garbage can so you don't get hair all over.

step 10. Keep trimming until you go all the way around her head. Gently brush out her hair and let it air dry. If you want slight waves you can braid it and let it dry. 

Stay tuned for Holiday Hair Part 3 tomorrow and have a fantabulous Thanksgiving Eve!!! (for those of you who live in the U.S.A.)
- Hannah (the human)


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