Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Freebie Alert!!

 Have you ever been at a craft store and seen Springfield Dolls stuff there? The have their own club online where you can sign up, earn points, and get stuff. FOR FREE!! It will ask for your name, birthday, address, and all of that. I have not received any spam or anything like that and Char from Doll Diaries  says the site is safe. However, just to be on the safe side, I asked my dad and we used his email, office address, and our pets names. Once you sign up, you can activate the dolls (there are 5)for 10 points each. They have fun activities that when you open them for the first time are worth 1 point each. Once you open all the activities from one theme you will get a badge worth 5 points. You also can dress up the dolls and email them to your friends and family. Each doll saved is worth 1 point and each doll sent is worth 1 point. The first doll that you save and the first doll that you send is worth 5 points each with a badge. Once you hit the 228 point mark or higher (I think it is somewhere around there) they will send you something for free. They also occasionally send a membership gift just for being a member. When you sign up you get a free bracelet (human sized), and all of the stuff you get arrives nicely packaged with pink tissue paper and a purple sticker with their logo on it. All of their stuff is sold online (though I recently received a pair of glasses not for sale online) and as you play you unlock exclusive stuff available to members only that you can order online. For an 8 year old this would be tons of fun, but for a middle schooler or older it is not that great. I only did it for the free stuff. :D It is definitely worth it though!
-Hanna (the doll)

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