Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Hair part 1

                   WARNING! LONG POST!!!

Hello! I love the holidays, especially dressing up and trying new hairstyles. The first step to having a great style is having great hair. My hair used to be dry and rough, not to mention uneven. However, a trip to your mom or dad can solve this problem. Most of you obsessed doll lovers (like me) have heard of the fabric softener and water trick. If not, keep reading!!!

This is a great way to fix your frizzes!!!
fabric softener- I think almost any brand works, downy is recommended, I used another brand. To be safe, PLEASE test a small section of hair BEFORE the whole head.
spray bottle or small bowl
your doll
2 towels
Mom and/or dad

step 1. Find your mom and/or dad. Have them read this post and help you with this project. (unless, of course, you are old enough to know what you are doing and you are about 12 years old or older) HAVE THEM HELP YOU WITH THIS AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THEIR PERMISSION!! 

step 2. Find an available spray bottle or small bowl. (spray bottle is recommended) Make sure it is OK to put fabric softener into it. (fabric softener is a chemical)

step 3. Fill your spray bottle/bowl with water. Then add just enough softener to make the water cloudy (weak solution is better than strong solution, you can always use more if it is weak.)

step 4. Check with your parent that it is OK to spray the solution into your doll's hair. Then make sure it is OK if the towels get fabric softener on them. Wrap your doll's body in towel #1. Wrap your doll's face in towel #2. (make sure all the hair is hanging out, but that the eyes are covered. You can damage your dolls eyes if they get wet) MAKE SURE THAT IF THE SOLUTION DRIPS IT WILL NOT CAUSE A MAJOR PROBLEM!!!!!

step 5. Spray/dip your hand in the solution. then work it through your doll's hair. Do this on all her hair. Let it air dry. (NEVER blow dry your doll's hair- it probably would melt.)

step 6. Wash your hands!!! Otherwise they will get really dry.

step 7. You are done!! (yippee!) Your dolls hair will feel a little greasy. The more you (gently) brush and play with it, the less greasy and more soft it will feel. If one salon treatment doesn't work, do more until it gets better. I do touch-up treatments whenever I feel it is necessary. Please keep your solution safe, it does contain chemicals so have your parent(s) keep it in a safe place where pets or siblings will not get into it. Eventually, the fabric softener will separate from the water and float on the top. Throw it out because once that happens it is not usable.

Have fun with your great, new, soft and shiny hair!!
-Hanna (the doll)

P.S. stay tuned for a review!!

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