Saturday, December 22, 2012

Slipper Repair!!!!

Hello people!! Can you believe Christmas is in three days!!! My 
Snuggly Snow Pjs from Christmas 2008 are my favorite thing to wear in the winter, but the elastic strap in the back broke. It was a clear plastic elastic, not fabric-y like the newer slippers. Last night Hannah went to work and repaired them for me. Keep reading for the how-to from Hannah (the human)!!!


  • Slippers with no elastic, I just ripped out the plastic stuff. The slippers were also quite dirty so I hand-washed them in cold water, combed out the fur with a fine toothed comb so it wouldn't mat, and put them on a floor vent. I combed out the fur every so often too. I wouldn't put the furry slippers in the washing machine or dryer as the fur might mat. 
  • Needle and thread: be careful with the needle, and my thread was a similar color to my slippers.
  • Elastic, mine was braided, width is your choice.
  • Your doll for measurements.

Gather your supplies!!!

The elastic was sewn in the corners of the slipper, that is where I will sew my elastic.

Sew your elastic into the corner. Do not cut the elastic! If you aren't sure if it is sturdy, Gently tug on it a few times. Tie a knot and cut the thread. It is OK if your thread in longish, you can tuck it into the slipper!!

See how the elastic is sewn into the corner??? (My friend had a party at a nail salon, and because we were supposed to get lots of snow, My band concert was canceled and I got to go. I got silver to match my Christmas skirt from AG that I got at the AG outlet store this summer for $18)

Notice the elastic is not cut!!

Put the slipper on your doll's foot and stretch the elastic around to the other side. Stretch it so that it will stay on your doll's foot, but cut excess, I cut the elastic past my thumb.

 Sew the elastic into the other corner and gently tug to make sure it is secure. Repeat this process for the other slipper and you are done!!!
Enjoy the slippers and keep your toes warm!!
-Hannah and Hanna

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