Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday Sites!!!!

Hello!!! I am sorry about the lack of Saturday Sites posts, But this week's sites are...

~Doll Diaries 31 days of doll play- This is like the 100 days of doll play from this summer, but winter and holiday themed.

~The Spicys 12 days of Christmas-  12 fun gift and craft ideas!!!

~GOTY Saige spoiler video- Made by AGoverseas fan and posted on doll diaries, DO NOT WATCH IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED IN JANUARY!!!!! This IS a spoiler video with Saige's collection and MyAG outfits. I am kind of disappointed with the MyAG outfits but Saige's stuff is awesome!!!! (My aunt lives in New Mexico too which is really cool!!!)

Enjoy your winter break!!! Oh, and the world didn't end yesterday!!! (I can put surviving the world's end on to my list of accomplishments)

-Hanna (The doll) 
PS: If you watch the spoiler video, please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the new items!!!

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