Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Sites July 13th!!!

Hi everyone!!! It's Saturday and..... We have Saturday Sites up and running again!! Whoo hoo!! Are you excited??? I know I am! :) Let's get started!

This week's Saturday sites are all fun blogs!!! (click on the blog name to go there, other special pages will have links throughout the description)

  • Ciao Bella- This is an adorable site! She does lots of book reviews, movie reviews, recipes, and lots of other stuff. She has a few posts about dolls, but what makes it soooo spectacular is that she has created two huge free printable sets for dolls that are amazing!! (you may have seen this on Doll Diaries a few weeks ago) Click here for Summer Fun For Dolls and here for Doll School!!!
  • Me and My Gals has tons of cute hairstyles, adorable photos, awesome photo shoots, and lots more! Her photography makes her dolls look like real people. Her wit and sense of humor makes her blog something amazing!!  Seriously, I read all of her posts back to her very first one!!! (I think) Anyways, go check it out RIGHT NOW!
  • Our AG Adventures is a blog with everything from crafts, serious fashion advice and Etsy clothing, to series in between. There is super cute photography, and all of her dolls look amazing all the time with stylish hairstyles and fashionable clothing. I can't even describe here the wide range of topics that they blog about. I think you will love it... so obviously pop on over there!!
 Have fun exploring these sites!!!  Remember to be sociable and leave a kind comment when you visit these blogs! We wouldn't mind a few though either... =) We will see you again on Monday with a fun craft... Oooohh, the suspense of waiting. Will you survive? ;) Have a nice weekend!!
~Hannah (the human)

P.S. I absolutely loved Iman's amazing post of genius fashion advice- didn't you?!?! If you missed our Fashion Friday post yesterday, check it out here!!!!

P.P.S. Have you noticed something new on our sidebar? No?!? You can now sign up to get an email when we post- you don't have to have a Google account to "subscribe" or "follow" our posts!! One more question... (Sorry, I know this is long) Is anyone on Bloglovin?? Let us know if you are- we are considering getting an account there. Thanks!!!! :)


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!! I hope all your wishes and dreams come true! :)

    Your a great friend I couldn't have asked for a better one! =D

    Keep on rocking! :P

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  3. Yes everyone, it really is Hannah's official birthday! Feel free to leave birthday greetings for her I'm sure she will love it! As well as the usual comments about her awesome and amazing posts! :) Which leads me to say (once again :) great job Hannah!

  4. Happy birthday, Hannah! Have a great day!

    Love that I can now subscribe through email, thank you.
    Also thank you for the suggestions. Did download the Ciao Bella summer kits from DD, but will check out the other two as well. :)

    1. Thank you Melody!! I have not downloaded anything yet, but I have looked at it all in PDF form on my computer. I will let you know if I do. Thanks again!!

  5. Hi H20 its me your pawsome friend Reef! I wish you an pawsome and purrrrfect GOLDEN BDAY!!!


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