Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday With Iman!!!

Hi Again! :)

This is Iman with the first post for Fashion Friday weekly edition!

I am sooooo excited to write these posts and hope you will enjoy reading them! In the posts I will include pictures of clothing, accessories, nail polish etc.

I will write about the pictures and tell you what I think is "in". By "in" I mean things that I like right now not just things that are "popular" at the moment!

I will also tell you if I would wear items discussed. If I wouldn't wear them, I will say what I would change to show you my sense of style!


I LOVE floral print! Pretty much for everything!!! :) Floral print dresses, shirts, nail polish, shorts, jeans, bags, etc. :P I also love the western look! I love boots on girls as well! Pretty much any type! I would definitely wear this dress and boots!

It's Summer! What better to wear on your feet than flip-flops?! For constant swimmers....*ahem* Hannah *ahem*, flip-flops are the most useful in this season. Well...I guess I swim a lot too, but you know you do more Hannah! =D I love how these flip-flops have an imprint on the bottom. I love this color too, and would wear these with some shorts, a tank top, and my hair in a loose side braid, to get the summer look!

DRESSES!!!!! I love to wear dresses! This one is perfect for special events. This dress is super cute because it is a tank top with a skirt attached! I also love the cuff bracelet this girl is wearing! I would wear this outfit and bracelet with some black flats to perfect this look and put my hair in a high bun!

This is such a perfect mani! The shade of purple is just right paired with white polish. I like how the nail that is completely purple is dark enough to highlight the sparkles on top! I would name this mani Purple Clouds! :) I might use a lighter shade of purple, maybe lavender. I may like to substitute the white with baby blue. Finish this mani off with hair twisted in to a low messy knot and a floral dress (maybe like the dress in the first picture) and some tan flats to make it casual. 

I love these sandals, they are flip-flops and flats in one! Super cute! Sometimes, the separator in the middle of these type of shoes irritate the skin between my toes! :( So, I would wear them with caution. My face is small, so I may not wear these sunglasses. The shorts are cute and I would wear them as is. I am a fan of this outfit, however, I would add a short-sleeve (shade of brown similar to the sandals) cardi on top! The feather necklace and the bracelets are a nice touch to add to this summer outfit! Just add a loose side braid to top this off! :)

Oooooh!!! What a cute double side braid! It's perfect to wear with long earrings (as shown in the picture) and it would also look good with a dress! So, this picture is perfect! :) I would wear a short-sleeve cardigan (gray) over this dress. Sandals from previous picture would complete the look.

This is a cute braided hairstyle I love how the braid goes to the back of the head towards the right and then comes down the center! The white bow gives it a nautical feel! This hairstyle works well with a lot of outfits and events! For a casual look I would wear the sweater and hairstyle with some jeans and tan flats.

So.. I am going to start with the picture in the middle. I think of it as a girl who could be at a party or other semi-formal event! The picture to the right is cute because it is a side swept twisted bun. An interesting idea that I think is super stylish!! =D The picture on the left is two french braids which goes into a low bun above the neck! I love these hairstyles and would wear them the same way! 

These bangles scream out....... time for a party! You don't have to be from the Indian subcontinent to wear them. They can be worn by anybody! I would wear these in a heartbeat! (No joke!) Probably with a dress and some sandals with my hair down or perhaps with some jeans for a bohemian chic look!

Aaah friendship, it is a gift I will always treasure! These two girls look like they are the best of friends! The white and orange dresses are versatile and could be used for different events. I would love to have them in my wardrobe! I would complete the look by wearing my hair down or in a loose side braid. I might also wear tan flats or even prefer to go barefoot. 

Thank you so much for reading this SUPER LONG post! I had a lot of fun writing this. I hope you found some things you might like to try. Share your comments so I can become a better writer/blogger! :)


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