Monday, June 17, 2013

My Swimsuit!!

Hi everyone! I wanted to show you my swimsuit today!! I made it with the help of My Froggy Stuff's  How To Make a No Sew Doll Swimsuit video. Last year I picked up a two pairs of socks on clearance at Target. It cost me less than 5 dollars. One pair had a pink/orange/purple zebra print. The other pair had the same print but was green and blue. I made a swimsuit out of a pink sock and a shirt out of a blue sock by cutting off the bottom. I am tempted to make a bikini by cutting a section out of the middle. The edges roll so if you do do this be sure to leave enough extra space for the roll. Anyways, the pictures of my swimsuit and shirt!!

The shirt !!!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my swimsuit and shirt!! Don't forget that American Girl still has a sale going on. I'm pretty sure what they call a star flower dress-
 is really a swimsuit cover-up. And $12 is a good deal from American Girl. Just wanted to let you know seeing as this whole post involved swimsuits. :)
Thanks for reading!!!
~Hanna (the doll)


  1. LOVE IT!!!

    1. Thanks!!! I find that the pink swimsuit looks very flattering... ;)

  2. You're very talented! I love the suite and halter top.
    Which shorts are you wearing with that?
    I saw the star flower dress on sale the other day...went back and looked at it again and again. LOL

    1. I am wearing the shorts from the Outdoor Play outfit. It came with the shorts, a blue and white sweatshirt with a Pine Lake Camp logo, sandals, and a green bandana. Thanks for all of your kind comments!!!!

  3. That is such a cool doll bathing suit, is it made out of a...sock? COOL! And yea, I think thats a cover up.
    Oh and please tell your friends: There's a giveaway at my blog:


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