Wednesday, June 19, 2013

American Girl Books and a bit on the Polls!!!

Hi everyone!!! I have two things to share with you today!! The first item of interest is the polls. The Question this week is... "When camping, would you prefer to sleep in a..." Thank you to Melody Silverleaf of for providing this week's question!!! (TL Irvin, I received your comment and it will be posted in about two weeks when I get home from camp!!) Look over on the sidebar to vote!!

The second item of interest are these American Girl Boxed Innerstar University books. I found these at Costco when I was there over the weekend. Each set of four costs $19.99.

Set number one...

And set number two!!! 
Thanks for reading!!! Check back tomorrow for another fun post!!!
~Hannah (the human)

P.S. Check out this amazing raspberry grapefruit cupcake that I had today!!! I took my awesome friend Megan out to a local bakery as a belated birthday treat!!



  1. Hmmm, I'll have to make a trip to my Costco to see what they have in stock. :)
    The cupcake looks super yummy!

  2. You could come up with lots of camp related polls.
    Favorite camp activity
    Favorite camp snack (s'mores around the campfire)
    Favorite camp beverage (bug juice or iced tea or water)
    Do you take a stuffed animal or not?
    Favorite camp song (tricky as they do differ region from region)
    Would you prefer daddy long leggers or mosquitos, etc.
    Have a great time at camp!


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