Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Pictures from AG place Chicago!!!

Hi everyone!! I wanted to take pictures of all the new items at AG place Chicago to share with you!! I will add little comments in with the pictures. :)

The windows outside the store.

Julie's stuff.

The new $54 sweater for girls is actually very nice and well made.

Doll activity books and displays.

Saige's punch frame craft.

Store exclusives.

The shrug from the holiday accessories is not my favorite.

Overall the holiday accessories are not worth $24.

The decorative holes in the skating outfit look like a face. :(

The bento-style boxes from the lunchbox did close all the way for me and the apple was not a problem.

The heavy metal spork.

Gymnastics set is very cute. I love the colors!!!

I love this outfit on this doll. (also Iman's lookalike)

I prefer the cream dress on dolls with darker skin and dark brown or black hair. This was by the shoe display so these are not the included outfit shoes.

The spa set is sooo adorable!!!
Thanks for reading!!! Fashion Friday tomorrow!! Yay!!!
~Hannah (the human)

1 comment:

  1. Nice pictures!
    I think I must look into the Doll at Work and Doll Parties activity kits.
    Love the lunch box.
    Thank you for sharing.


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