Friday, August 16, 2013

My Back-To-School trends!!

Hey Girls! Today I am going to show you an ideal back-to-school outfit I created for myself by putting different items together! Enjoy!

This backpack is perfect for me! I love the botanical design! It has 5 pockets and is great for girls that want something cute and still has tons of room. I bought this for myself online at Amazon! 

This mani is perfect for school for obvious reasons!
These shoes are super comfy and go with a lot of clothes! Go Converse! I own these shoes and they are just perfect for almost any typical occasion for a girl!
This pair of floral pants is simply pretty feminine, I love the use of the pastel colors for this beautiful print!
I love owls! This shirt is so adorable! Purple with yellow surely will make this outfit pop!
Stay cute and comfy in a jean jacket to tone down the bright graphic tee for a cool rock look! I own one very similar looking and I use it quite often.
To finish off this too cute to be true fashion statement...go ahead and  make a quick simple messy bun and push a pencil into the proper place......and wala!! You are one awesome looking girl too smart for school! :) 

Hannah will be back tomorrow for our normal weekly Saturday Sites. I had fun filling in for her while she was away! :) I would love questions and comments from you girls! 

Fashionably Yours,

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