Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back-To-School Madness!!!

Do you girls love to go back-to-school shopping as much as I do? If so, you're in for a real treat! :) This week's Randomness post will have a back-to-school theme of cute, fun, girly, and artsy supplies! :) Ok enough with the chit chat let's get started! I am sorry that some of these supplies look slightly blurry. I don't know what's going on with blogger lately. :(

These pens are one of my favorites! Usually erasable pens don't write well, but these pens defy that trend. Some of my classmates owned them and they worked very well when I borrowed them to work on a project and had forgotten my own. But I have to say I think my lack of responsibility that day was meant to be! =D

I have never been able to solve a full rubik's cube but it seemed like everyone at school brought them and were all able to do it! I would really like to learn this skill.... anyway this rubik's cube is perfect for writing little comments and *ahem* passing notes at school! (just kidding...never do that people get in trouble all the time) I have never perfected this sneaky task. :)

Oooh lala look at the bright red that will highlight your lips! No *ahem* pun intended! =D These highlighters are a must-have for any girly girl! :)
Apparently, the lipstick shaped highlighters weren't enough! :) They just had to create high styler, nail polish shaped highlighters!
I was never really into hello kitty for myself when I was little but now I think it's super cute....thus, this super adorb calculation tool! :) (yes I am being my geeky nerdyish self)
These bows are so so so so so so........perfect for me!!! :) *shrieks at top of lungs from results on cuteness meter* (yes you can calm down now and realize we both did just freak out over an ADORRRRABLE pencil case) :) Yes, in case you were wondering I also have a thing for bows just like you!
They say... a girl can never have enough shoes! (wait....who's they? Hmmmm....) Anyways.. are these slipper pencil cases not stylish and cute enough for a stylish girl like you?! I know I love this idea!
I have owned these pens for a really long time and they still are in great condition! They come in a variety color 16-pack at Staples! They are awesome for art projects and doodling!

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  1. I love Hello Kitty...have for a loooooonnnnnggggg time. My calculator is Hello Kitty, but not nearly as cute as that one.

    Please let me know the brand name on both sets of pens. LOVE pens.

    The key to Rubik's any center square and loosen the screw, rebuild the cube in the right order, tighten the screw and replace the little cube cap. Okay, yes, that is cheating. But it took ingenuity to find that it could be taken apart. LOL

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    2. :) Cool! Same here I love pens! I have a huge collection of them now!! :) the erasable pens are Frixon and the other pens are Papermate! Oh haha that's ingenious! :)

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