Friday, June 7, 2013

Camp Doll Diaries!!!

Hi everyone!!! School is finally out so I hope to be posting on here more often. I am participating in Doll Diaries' Natalie's Photo contest for Camp Doll Diaries. I created a pinterest board for it called Camp Doll Diaries. Click here to go to the board!! If you are also participating I would love to know!!!
The loft bed that I mentioned earlier completely collapsed thanks to my cat Zippy and no matter how much duct tape I used it would not stay up. Because of this I crafted a trundle bed that is definitely much sturdier and as an added bonus it has 2 mattresses so each of my cats has a place to sleep. Another reason for a trundle bed is that I have a feeling that sometime soon Saige will be coming home. It turned out pretty nicely and I will post about it sometime. I will post some pictures I have taken concerning the doll world soon. Thanks so much for continuing to come over here while I was gone!!!
~Hannah (the human)

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