Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hanna and Julie's Sleepover!!!

Hello everyone!!! My amazing friend Nicole was over and we decided to make a photo-story of Julie and Hanna having a sleepover. Enjoy!!

Hanna was thinking up ideas for blog posts when Julie walked in!!!!
"Hi Julie," Hanna exclaimed, "You're here!!!!!!"

Julie plopped on the bed and the girls started chatting!!!

Soon the girls were checking out their favorite blogs and discussing crafts they wanted to try out soon!!

The girls ate dinner and changed into their pajamas. They brought up their drinks and started a game of war!!! 

Looks like Hanna won this round!!!

" OOooh,  Julie, " Hanna commented.

"Next time," Julie smirked!!

The girls got tired and worked together to pull out the trundle...

Hanna rolled over.
"Night, Julie," Hanna said.
"See ya in the morning," said Julie.

The girls went to sleep...
Sweet dreams!!! 

Thanks for reading!!
~Hannah (the human) and Nicole


  1. Looks like fun! Did you make the lap desk? It's really cool!

    1. Yes, I did make the lap desk! I had some cardboard with a wood print from some furniture (it went behind the shelf but I left it off) and I cut a bottom box shape and a big piece to go over it. Then I taped it all together with duct tape. Thanks for your nice comments!!!


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