Friday, November 30, 2012

Making snowflakes!!!

Hello People! (and dolls!!!) I am so excited for some snow but today the high was 47 degrees. (Fahrenheit) Then I decided to make my own snowflakes!! These are simple decorations or ornaments that you can make in about ten minutes!! Read on for the instructions!!!


  • Scissors
  • 1 sheet of normal copy paper
  • tape (or glue)
  • a stapler (with staples)
  • OPTIONAL: embellishments (the stickers)
  • OPTIONAL: yarn or string

Here are all my supplies!!

Fold your paper into fourths accordion style.
(fold in half, then in half again.)

Then fold into eighths accordion style.

Cut into strips on the creases. You should have eight strips.

Fold all of the strips in half. Put into each other as shown above and cut about an inch on each side of the fold. Do this so you have four.

Staple on the fold.

Line up the edges like the above photo.

Repeat on both sides and pull down by the staple. It should look like a heart. 

Staple the end.

If needed do a double staple.

If you want to you can keep it as is, thread a piece of yarn/ribbon/string through and make it an ornament.
If not, repeat with the other three so you have four hearts.

Flatten it.

Line up the points and flatten it.

Start to pull it out...

Until it looks like this!!!

Repeat on the other side and on the other three.

Fold the end up...

Get a piece of tape this long...

Put it on the inside of the outside strip.

Tape it to the inside of the other outside wall.
Flip it over and do the same. Then repeat with the other two.

Your snowflake!!

I put a sticker on the center!!

I added yarn to hang it.

Yippee!! Isn't it pretty!
-Hanna (the doll)
P.S. Thanks to my friend Emily for helping out!!!


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